What lipstick color suits dark skin

What lipstick color suits dark skin


The right lipstick color will help you stay beautiful and radiant. Sometimes choosing a lipstick can be a daunting task. We at Joy-pup will tell you which shades of lipstick are suitable for owners of dark skin.

Carrot color

What lipstick color suits dark skin 1

The carrot color of the lipstick helps dark skin to become brighter and creates a feminine beauty for dark-skinned women. Opt for more muted shades because an imbalance between lipstick and skin tone gives an unattractive look. Not only bright shades of carrot are not suitable, but also too pale.


What lipstick color suits dark skin 2

Crimson is a combination of red and purple pigment. This lipstick color is suitable for work, as well as for going out or at a party. Deep shade suitable for dark skin tones. With this lipstick color, women only need to apply light makeup to look younger and fresher.

Wine color

What lipstick color suits dark skin 3

Wine color lipstick is suitable for dark skin and is very popular among Hollywood stars. The warm and mysterious shade of Bordeaux will help you stand out and shine in any situation. This color makes your look more sexy and seductive. Wine helps is suitable for women over 30 who strive for individuality and attractive style.

Coral color

What lipstick color suits dark skin 4

The warm coral color of the lipstick helps women highlight their ideal natural beauty. Pair it with a simple hairdo and light makeup to bring out the color of your lipstick and lips.

Red color

What lipstick color suits dark skin 5

Red lipstick gives swarthy women a youthful and vibrant look. This color helps to lighten the skin and is suitable for those who prefer a delicate, feminine style.

What lipstick colors do not suit dark skin

Pink lipstick, especially bright and saturated colors, will make the skin dull and lifeless.

Nude lipsticks are the same color as the skin, which makes dark skin pale and the face lacks liveliness. If you like lipstick colors that aren’t too bold, you can opt for lighter shades like coral, reddish brown, or peach.

Neon is a very picky color, it should only be used by people with fair skin. Swarthy women should absolutely not apply this color of lipstick, because it will make the skin dark and will not be in harmony with the face.

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