TOP 5 most expensive commercials in the marketing history

TOP 5 most expensive commercials in the marketing history


Advertising companies do their best to attract the attention of the target audience. They hire the best directors and producers of video content and invite celebrities to shoot in commercials. Effective advertising always costs a lot of money, but not always investing a huge amount of money gives the desired result.

Joy-pup editorial team has compiled a list of the most expensive commercials in the history of marketing, for the creation of which ordering customers spent tremendous amounts of money. Some of them fulfilled all expectations, while the rest only raised eyebrows.

Perfume Chanel No. 5. commercial
Year – 2004.
Budget – $33 million.
Specifics: the team included actress Nicole Kidman, actor Rodrigo Santoro, director Buzz Lurmann, couturier Karl Lagerfeld. The shoots lasted for 4 days.

Guinness dominoes rally commercial
Year – 2007.
Budget – $16 million.
Specifics: 6,000 domino tiles, 10,000 books, 400 car tires, 75 mirrors, 50 refrigerators, 45 chests of drawers and about 500 residents of the Argentine village of Iruya were involved in the filming.

Name change of the British insurance company Norwich Union to Aviva
Year – 2008.
Budget – $13.2 million.
Specifics: actor Bruce Willis, British musician Ringo Starr, American rock singer Alice Cooper, and Australian top model El McPherson featured in this advert video.

The new Chrysler 200 car model commercial
Year – 2011.
Budget – $11 million.
Specifics: Eminem filmed in the advertising clip, and the filming took place in Detroit, which is Chrysler automobile manufacturer city.

Carlton Draught beer commercial
Year – 2008.
Budget – $9 million.
Specifics: in this expensive comedy video a huge beer glass fell out of an airplane crashed 2 Jaguar cars and unroofed several houses.

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