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Outerwear 2020-2021: TOP-10 new items

In cold weather, the only thing the human body really wants is to hide from the whole world with the help of the warm and cozy clothes. The outerwear presented in...
28 September 2020
Fashionable long sleeve dresses 2020-2021

Fashionable long sleeve dresses 2020-2021

Long sleeve dress that is this season's trend is a universal thing and will be relevant throughout the year. Chiffon and lace dresses with long sleeves are perfect for...
11 September 2020
Women’s windbreakers 2020 – fashionable autumn trend

Women’s windbreakers 2020 –...

The 2020-2021 season is notable for many nostalgic comebacks. Narrow sunglasses, daddy's sneakers, neon colors, bum bags, windbreakers - these fashion attributes of the...
20 August 2020
Fashionable sports dresses 2020-2021

Fashionable sports dresses 2020-2021

Comfort and practicality are in fashion these days, so the most stylish looks are comfortable, simple and laconic. The borders between sports, classic and casual outfits...
17 August 2020