Animal heroes who saved people’s lives

Animal heroes who saved people’s lives


We are used to thinking that people save animals from death, but not vice versa. Nevertheless, sometimes animals manage to save human lives, and they do it quite successfully. Joy-pup has collected for you some incredible stories about heroic animals who have shown such courage that they deserve a medal for courage.

1. Dog Babu

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Babu, a 12-year-old Shih Tzu dog, is a real hero, he managed to save his owner Tami Akanuma from a terrible tsunami that hit Japan. Immediately after the first wave of the earthquake, the dog began to show anxiety, she rushed around the room, whining loudly and wagging her tail madly – all showing that it was time for her to go for a walk. Although it was still too early to take the dog outside, the woman nevertheless took pity on the dog and put a leash on the animal.

As soon as she opened the door, Babu furiously began to drag Akanum towards the hill – in the opposite direction from the usual walking route. The surprise of the hostess knew no bounds, but she had no choice but to follow the pet. When the woman slowed down to rest, the dog looked around as if begging her to move faster. And when Akanum caught up with the dog, Babu began to run even faster, pulling on the leash. Climbing up the hill where the evacuation center is located, turning around, the woman could not believe her eyes, a terrible picture opened before her: the tsunami caused by the earthquake completely destroyed the entire city along with her house. Babu somehow sensed the impending catastrophe and saved the owner’s life.

2. Willie the Parrot

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In the American city of Denver, Colorado, the alarming cries of a parrot helped save the life of a girl. Three-year-old Hanna Kuusk would have suffocated if not for Willy.

One day, Megan Howard, the child’s nanny and the mistress of the bird, put the cooked pie on the table to cool, and went to the toilet. Being in the toilet, she heard how the feathered “nurse” suddenly began to scream at the top of her voice, “Mom! Child!” Hearing alarm cries and running to the kitchen, Megan saw the baby blue from suffocation. As it turned out, the girl took a pie from the table and broke off a small piece and choked on it. The nanny gave Hanna first aid and saved her, but claimed that the real hero was Willy. According to her, he was always distinguished by intelligence and extraordinary quick wits. Now Willie the parrot is a celebrity. 

3. Goat Mandy

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Noel Osborne, an elderly farmer living as a hermit in one of the Australian states, is faced with an unexpected situation. The fact is that during milking, the cow hit him hard, so much so that he flew off into a huge pile of manure, receiving many injuries, including crushing his thigh.

Most likely, the old man would have died there, since there was no one to call for help. However, his goat unexpectedly came to the aid of the farmer. She lay next to the old man for 5 whole days, warming him with her body, moreover, she even fed the owner with her milk. In the end, Noel Osborne was saved by his friends. That’s how a goat named Mandy heroically rescued her owner and kept him warm during the rain and cold nights.

4. Piggy Lulu

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This story is instructive for those people who believe that pigs are stupid animals and cannot replace our familiar pets, such as dogs or cats. Joanne Altsman from the USA doesn’t think so, because one day her pot-bellied pig named Lulu performed an incredible feat, she saved her life. When Joanne had a heart attack, the pig smelled something was wrong on the street and lay across the road, blocking traffic with its fat body. For a long time, the drivers ran around the poor animal, because they could not understand what she wanted from them. From time to time, Lulu left her post and ran into the house, apparently to check on the condition of the hostess. After 40 minutes, finally there was a person who drew attention to the strange behavior of the pig. Following Lulu into the house, the man finally found Joanne lying unconscious.

5. Wild beavers

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This sad story happened in Canada many years ago. Little boy Rel Guindon was very fond of traveling and relaxing with his parents. They often went hiking and went to various lakes and rivers. But once, once again, having chosen a family vacation, an accident occurred. In front of the boy’s eyes, the boat in which his parents were fishing for dinner capsized and went under water. The man and woman never made it to shore. In a state of shock, the boy ran for help to the nearest settlement, but could not reach the goal. When the sun went down, and Rial no longer had the strength to go on, he lay down to rest on the cold, damp ground. The kid lay and cried for a long time, when he suddenly felt something fluffy and warm. Reel thought it was someone’s dog. But when he woke up, he saw an unusual picture. Around him lay three large beavers, which warmed him with their warmth. If it wasn’t for them, Riyal would probably have frozen to death that night.

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