The Full Corn Moon and its aspects in September 2020

The Full Corn Moon and its aspects in September 2020


On September 2, 2020, another Full Moon awaits us. The indigenous peoples of North America have named the September Full Moon the Corn Moon (Corn or Harvest Full Moon). If you want to know what this phenomenon will be, what to expect from the full moon in September 2020, read this article on Joy-pup.

When the Full Moon takes place in September 2020: exact time

The full moon on September 2, 2020 will take place at 08:21 a.m. This is the 14-15 lunar day, when the night heavenly body is in the sign of Pisces. The full moon is expected to rise at 19:59 and set at 05:12. Read on to find out about the other phases of the moon and the aspects of the lunar calendar in September 2020.

Lunar calendar for september 2020: the main moon phases 

September 1, 2020. In the first autumn month we will enter the growing moon phase in the sign of Aquarius. This is a pretty good phase for creative explorations and professional achievements.

September 2, 2020 – Full Moon. Dedicate this day to your family and friends. Don’t make plans on moving somewhere, delay starting a new project and get creative.

September 10, 2020 – the last or third phase of the moon, 22-23 lunar day. During this period, astrologers recommend engaging in social activities, getting all the routine stuff sorted and boldly proceeding to the fulfilment of the plan. Your rationality will work to its fullest, so don’t miss this wonderful moment.

September 3-16, 2020 – waning Moon. This is a rather difficult period when energy will literally leave you during the day. However, along with the waning moon, new opportunities will appear in your life, new ideas and projects will come. Good luck planning your new lunar period!

The Full Corn Moon 2

September 17, 2020 – New Moon. A day in which the accumulation of energy plays an important role for the entire coming lunar month. Don’t try to do everything at once, but slowly solve your routine tasks. The time for new beginnings will come very soon – save your strength and draw inspiration from your hobby and your environment.

From September 18 until the end of the month, the growing Moon will delight and nourish us with its energy.

September 24, 2020 is the crescent. This is the lunar phase, when you will be as active as possible and will be able to close all the important issues you have started this month.

Auspicious days in September 2020

The most successful in September 2020 will be the following dates: 1, 7, 8-9, 12-13, 19-24, 26. On these days, positive aspects are formed between the Sun and the Moon, entailing success in any business and the development of a person’s professional and creative inclinations.

Unfavourable days in September 2020

There will be some unfavourable dates in September 2020 when you’ll need to be careful. Don’t plan any important negotiations or new projects and don’t start on journeys on September 6, 11, 14, 17, 25, 2020.

What can be done on the Full Moon in September 2020

We’ve already told you when the Full Moon is taking place in September 2020. So now it’s time to find out what can and cannot be done on this day. Let’s start with the things that are on the to do list during the Full Moon.

The Full Corn Moon 3

1. The moon is most active during this period, so don’t slow down. Reach the goals set earlier, finish the tasks and activities you’ve started.

2. For those who have a specific goal in their life, the Full Moon in September 2020 will be the finest hour. Therefore, don’t stop under any circumstances. The moon helps you move towards your dreams.

3. Schedule a meeting with old friends for a Full Moon night. This will help you take your mind off everyday life and inspire you for new achievements.

4. Spend your Full Moon day the way you would like to live your entire life. Meditate, work in joy, relax in pleasure, learn new things, say pleasant words to loved ones, make surprises and gifts.

The Full Corn Moon 4

5. Try to spend this day in peace and tranquility, but don’t be lazy. The moon gives you a unique chance to become more active and successful, so you must use it.

6. Do what you love and thank the universe for what you have.

What not to do on the Full Moon: taboos and prohibitions on September 2, 2020

The full moon has a strong influence on the inner state and even on the fate of a person. Therefore, you should heed the advice of astrologers about what not to do during the full moon in September 2020.

1. Don’t start on a long journey: a business trip, vacation, or travel is better to postpone for the next day.

2. Avoid conflicts and don’t provoke scandals. If someone really wants to quarrel (and there will be many such situations on the Full Moon), just step aside. This will help you save your nerves.

3. Beware of cheating and betrayal, also don’t gamble or enter into business contracts on the Full Moon.

4. Astrologers don’t recommend indulging such vices as drunkenness and gluttony during the Full Moon. It is better to lead a humble, ascetic lifestyle and engage in spiritual practices.

The Full Corn Moon 5

5. Extreme sports, noisy entertainment and heavy sports activities are also prohibited.

6. Energy will literally be in full swing, so guide it in a positive direction – no aggression, quarrels and protests.

7. In some cases, astrologers don’t recommend accepting gifts during the Full Moon, especially from unknown or unpleasant people.

8. Reschedule surgery if scheduled for Full Moon and don’t cut your hair that day. You can see the lunar calendar of haircuts for September 2020 here.

Signs of the Full Moon: what it has prepared us in September 2020

  • Everything that you see in a dream on the night of the Full Moon can happen over the next 30 days.
  • A quarrel is considered a bad omen for the Full Moon – the conflict can linger on for several months.
  • A good sign is to hear a dog barking on a full moon.

Full Moon Love Calling Ritual in September 2020

This ritual for love on the Full Moon is suitable for those who are single at the moment and also for couples whose feelings have cooled.

The Full Corn Moon 6

Put a glass of clean spring water on the windowsill. You can also take water blessed in the church. At midnight, when the moonlight will fall on the glass with water and be reflected in it, slide your right hand 7 times over the glass. Say the name of your beloved while doing this. If you are in search of a soul mate, imagine the traits and qualities that your future companion should have.

Leave this glass of water on the windowsill and go to bed. Then, in the morning, give your beloved a drink of water. If you are still searching, pour this charged liquid under the “male” tree – maple, poplar, ash, oak or walnut.

Take care of yourself, feel the energy of the moon and be happy. To get information about your zodiac sign read the horoscope for September 2020

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