Jenna Ortega from the series “Wednesday” – what is known about the most talked about actress of December 2022

Jenna Ortega from the series...

Streaming service Netflix on November 23 released the long-awaited series "Wednesday" (Wednesday). The sequel about Wednesday's growing-up daughter of the Addams family...
12 December 2022
Names for girls for 2023 Rabbit

Names for girls for 2023 Rabbit

Future parents carefully consider how to name their child. We strive to choose not only a beautiful, but also a happy name. After all, you want your children to have a...
11 December 2022
Why women like bad boys

Why women like bad boys

Most women have encountered a bad guy at least once in their lives, and many of them could not resist his allure. Bad guys are arrogant, selfish, magnetic, they don't...
4 April 2022

DIY medical mask in 10 minutes

We constantly hear on radio and TV about the necessity to protect against coronavirus or influenza. The simplest thing we can do is wear medical masks. No one will be...
9 April 2020