Having children, what’s it like? A funny photo selection

Having children, what’s it like? A funny photo selection


Life is always divided into “before” and “after” the birth of a child. You definitely start experiencing a lack of sleep, and you can forget about private time and the possibility to watch favorite movies on the laptop. But at this wonderful period, not only children but also parents discover a new world, find unexplored talents and learn to enjoy little things. If you as a new parent are struggling with depression or anxiety, you can explore an online therapy platform like BetterHelp for help.

Our editors at Joy-pup.com decided to find out how children can change their parents’ lives. Watch and have fun.

Dad begins to take a back seat – look at what the child and father get.


On the other hand, dads discover amazing talents.

Mom put a camera in the room to show grandmother a video about her grandchildren. Instead of this, she got to know that her husband is a talented educator!

And these kids’ parents turned small cars into post-apocalyptic monster trucks like in Mad Max. How do you find such creativity?

creative kids
© brokenshutter/Imgur

When kids appear in the house it becomes overwhelmed with toys in no time.


Here is an idea of how to use toy cars when the boy has grown up – they can decorate the room in an unusual way.

cars on the wall
cars on the wall
© bricheezy28/ Imgur

Don’t risk to be distracted even for 5 seconds, because the children are great experimentalists with toys.

The very moment when the mother wanted to surprise the children on holiday. How many kids cried when they saw such a hedgehog?

holiday cake

In fact, kids will cry a lot, and parents will be bad often. Just be patient (it’s easier to say than to do).

For some reason, the marker was taken away from this kid. Bad parents!

the baby is crying

He asked to have food in the shape of triangles, but then he wanted to have squares! Bad mom

sad child

Parents didn’t want to play outside at 6:30 a. m. Again bad parents!

girl crying

The necklace was put on, but too late. What a bad mom!

girl is sad

The secret of Darth Vader was revealed

Darth Vader
© UNoWhoDWC/ Imgur

What one can invent to make the kid eat healthy food.

creative food
creative food

Mom, is it a watermelon that makes you fall asleep?

Beauty procedures are very useful for a child

Beauty procedures
@1love_and_family/ Instagram

Never let children have a bath on their own. Here’s the result.

kids in the bathroom

A good Pokemon book can even distract from iPad.


Lifehack on how to teach a child to read. Offer to read a book for the beloved cat

to read a book
to read a book

Children adore animals, so get ready to love visiting the zoo and shoot funny videos

Get a dog, because this pet will definitely become the child’s best friend

dog and baby

You’ll have your own littlwe fashionmongers

@ellielee_lee/ Instagram
@lenna.vornic/ Instagram

And cosplayers


When dad is a professional, you get such cool cuties.

@1love_and_family/ Instagram

True family photos really look like this!

family photos
@1love_and_family/ Instagram

There are two types of children who go to school for the first time.

children who go to school

The elder brother won’t teach bad – a master class on how to get with girls. Yes, you need to be prepared for this from the cradle.


What’s the favourite children’s game? Right, hide-and-seek!
Level: beginner.


And how has your life changed after having children?

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