Social networks reaction to coronavirus in the world: jokes and life hacks from users


Coronavirus is spreading all over the world, and users of social networks are trying to approach it with humour. And not surprisingly, because humour helps survive problems. has collected jokes about coronavirus from users all over the world and wants to share them with you. Read and see how social networks respond to the current coronavirus situation.

And even statues wear masks to protect from coronavirus

fun coronavirus
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This funny photo proves, that people protect with masks even their products

приколы про коронавирус
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It’s OK even if you don’t have a mask. Protect yourself as you can

mask coronavirus
cool mask coronavirus
mask coronavirus fun
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The more masks the better?

mask coronavirus
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When you went on holiday but didn’t forget to protect against coronavirus

tan coronavirus
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How to shield from coronavirus in a car

How to shield from coronavirus in a car
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Don’t come closer than one meter

 one meter
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Cool protection against coronavirus

Cool protection against coronavirus.
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Programmer’s antivirus)

Programmer’s antivirus)
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And nobody cancelled the hairdresser. Just look at this cool video

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Gara gara Corona Virus! #ngobas #coronavirus #corona #lucu #video #videolucu #ngakak

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It’s time to play poker not for money, but for masks

to play poker
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Corona? No way!


Although masks in the world are in limited supply, people find a way out


If you don’t see the virus, you won’t catch it

cIf you don't see the virus, you won't catch it.

Protect your pets!

Protect your pets

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