10 failed selfies when something went wrong

10 failed selfies when something went wrong


When taking a selfie we want to choose the best position to get an ideal photo. But it doesn’t always depend on us. Weather, surroundings and even our mood can spoil the photo.

Our Joy-pup team has found examples of failed selfies. The most important thing is that their owners retained a sense of humor.

Does someone think that this guy is still alive?

© theprodaddy / instagram

We assume that they took a selfie for the cat.

selfie for the cat
© pani_precelkowa / instagram

Yes, we know. They can spoil the photo.

photo with the cat
© a_cat_named_darla / instagram

When you work in a plastic surgery clinic, but the nurses look like this.

selfie  in the clinic
© rcj.at.sgk / instagram

When you wanted to take a selfie, but something went wrong.



© ladymaryfox / instagram

You’re asking a person to make the right facial expression, but nothing works out.


Such an amazing photo!

amazing photo
© fraulein_foxwhelp / instagram

It would be better to put the clothes away.

clothes in the room
© cozettemc / instagram

When you take a selfie you should look in the mirror.

© selfiecamera / instagram
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