14 incredible coincidences that blow your mind

14 incredible coincidences that blow your mind


Some people are sure that there are no coincidences. But what would you say when you see evidence of completely unbelievable accidents? When a butterfly selects its image on a leaflet, a person finds a wallet lost 20 years ago, and a child’s photo predestines fate, it can make you believe in magic!

Joy-pup.com editorial team has selected photos confirming that extraordinary coincidences occur more often than we think.

1. Newspapers with a secret meaning


«This is not a coincidence»: how did this line appear exactly on the fold? The typesetter did this by accident or is he a secret agent and sends a coded message in such a way? It can’t occur accidentally. You know, an underground organization is clearly operating here!

2. A smart butterfly


They say, butterflies have no intelligence. Now we can doubt it, because look, the butterfly chose to sit on her image off all others. What if entomologists messed up something? Let’s think that she wanted to bring joy to this naturalist and therefore indicated herself in the picture.

3. The bird partner in crime

The bird

This driver overspeeds but the brave bird obscured the number of the car so that he would not get on the camera of the police radar. Bro, you were warned: next time you’ll get the fine!

4. On the brink of a smash


Sometimes luck is so incredible that you begin to believe in signs of destiny. The falling tree stopped literally a centimeter from the car. It’s scary to imagine what a small Peugeot would turn into if it weren’t for a fluke. We hope that the owner has realized everything and will no longer park under the trees.

5. Identifying insignia


Nature loves to make jokes. Sometimes it happens so unexpectedly that you just make a helpless gesture. I wonder, what order were these puppies born in? In left to right order or vice versa? Although … does it matter if they are so pretty. Plus, they won’t get confused.

6. Brands battle


So what, a bus with McDonald’s advert! Take a closer look: the license plate promotes their competitor – the KFC fast-food chain! Now, guess: who paid more for the ad space?

7. Mountains… and again mountains


Believe it or not – but it’s not photoshop. A photographer has simply caught a good shot. We wonder, would it be better if it was a staged photography. Awesome!

8. A magical ballon

A magical ballon

Skillful photo illusion? But no. This photo was taken without any additional equipment and special effects, jus t using an ordinary smartphone. It’s all about the angle!

9. Lucky fishing

Lucky fishing

Have you ever found a wallet with money? And at the bottom of the lake? The most important thing is not even that: a man caught his own wallet, which he dropped into the water 20 years ago. And, it seems, the bills are well preserved.

10. A magical spiral


Put the can of Pepsi in the freezer, forget about it for a couple of days and see what happens. It will probably explode, but it is unlikely that it will be so beautiful. How?! We don’t know, but the proof is in front of you.

11. Dreams come true


Visualization is a powerful thing! It is unlikely that this guy guessed that his dream began to come true that day when he got into the cockpit of this helicopter. About 20 years later, he became a helicopter pilot, found his child’s photo and realized that he was learning to fly the same helicopter. Take a look: the numbers match!

12. A wedding surprise

A wedding surprise

Funny incidents can happen at weddings but something like that is pretty unbelievable! All these women are bridesmaids, you would think. False. They are just wedding guests in the exact same dresses! It looks like the girls went to one sale. But how fun!

13. Ideal faces


Is this one person? Perhaps a bit strange. Or two? But how did that happen? Just imagine, it’s not a bad photoshop, but a completely random visual effect. These people were sitting in such a way that their faces merged into one. And now it blows our mind!

14. A broken boy


Have you watched «Revenge of the Sith», the third episode of «Star Wars»? There’ s an episode where the former Jedi Anakin’s (Darth Vader’s) both legs are cut off. We remembered this for a reason. Just look at what the Google Maps camera did to this child.

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