Why women like bad boys

Why women like bad boys


Most women have encountered a bad guy at least once in their lives, and many of them could not resist his allure. Bad guys are arrogant, selfish, magnetic, they don’t care about anything, avoid emotional attachment, break rules, put down and underestimate the people around you… They’re just bad. But what attracts women to them?

Bad boys are the cure for boredom

There is always something going on around them, they are always involved in a tense situation. Bad guys never stay still for long, they are always ready for action. Women often “fall in love” with this type of guy if their past relationship was filled with boredom.

Why women like bad boys 1

Bad guys are the “forbidden fruit”. It seems that the more a woman hears advice to stay away from such a man, the more interested they are. They are very interested to know what is so bad about it and for some reason their desire to have a “forbidden fruit” only intensifies. Of course, sooner or later they face the consequences.

Bad boys don’t live by rules, they make their own

For them, there is no speed limit sign, no prohibition, no drunk driving, no such thing as a seat belt. They neglect the danger, and the desire for thrills becomes a drug for them.

Why women like bad boys 2

Bad boys are mysterious

Mystery attracts women like a strong magnet, and the bad guys use it to charm them. They are mysterious in everything that happens to them and their feelings. It is scientifically proven that women are more interested in men who do not give them clear answers. Bad boys create the illusion that they have a dark side or a secret that no one knows, and a lot of women love that.

Bad boys are mysterious and unpredictable

You can pretty much guess what a nice guy would do, like take you to a romantic dinner. But you never know where you will end up when you meet an unpredictable man. Maybe you’ll have fun in a mountain cottage or dance at a party in a nearby town. Many women love the thrill of danger and the adrenaline rush they feel in a relationship with a bad guy.

Bad boys dominate and protect

Since prehistoric times, men have protected women and made them feel safe when they are around them. When dealing with bad guys, it seems that they know how to protect women, so it’s no wonder that they can’t resist their charm.

Why women like bad boys 3

Bad boys are very persistent when they want to win a woman

They will never shyly stand in a bar, deciding for the hundredth time whether or not to approach a beautiful woman standing three meters away from him. He just fits. And if she tries to slip away, he doesn’t give up easily, and will try again and again until he hears “yes” from her. Many women want to be hunted and conquered.

Why women like bad boys 4

Bad boys know how to firmly say no

Women are often manipulated by nice guys and tend to get what they want easily. Some may be surprised and even try to disagree, but many women are attracted to men who know how to say no.

Why women like bad boys 5

Bad boys are confident

Women are not attracted to the fact that bad guys are just bad, but rather that they exude masculinity and self-confidence. It looks very erotic and acts like a magnet for women.

Bad boys are a challenge

Advice from good friends: “Don’t mess with him, he’ll break your heart,” some women take as a challenge. They want to prove everyone wrong so they can get their hands on the bad guy. Women believe that they can change a man and lead him in the right direction. In most cases, they fail.

Spending time with such a man is filled with fun and thrills, but things don’t get so rosy when you start planning a future together. He is attractive until you realize that the bad qualities in him far outweigh the good ones.

Why women like bad boys 6

The ideal husband is probably a good guy with a pinch of bad. But does the perfect man exist?

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