September Horoscope 2020 for all zodiac signs – what do stars promise us?

September Horoscope 2020 for all zodiac signs – what do stars promise us?


September 2020 is an unstable month for many zodiac signs. It promises profit, success in business, new offers. But some will have to face misunderstanding from loved ones, disappointment or reinterpretation of their lives. editorial team has compiled the exact horoscope for September 2020 for all zodiac signs with the recommendations of astrologers. Let’s find out what awaits women and men in the new month.


Nothing seems to stand in the way of your goals. But in fact, more often than not, you have a feeling that something is slipping out or you are moving in the wrong direction. September will be your month for rethinking, perhaps even choosing a new profession.

The horoscope for September 2020 recommends Aries not to get depressed and have less negative thoughts. You are the one who creates most of the problems in your mind. It’s better to spend this period creating, training and doing everything that involves self development.

Men will receive an interesting business offer this month. It’s possible that it will change their whole life. Light flirtation is what women expect, but they should beware of new acquaintances, so as not to be disappointed later.


The representatives of this zodiac sign are ready to start a new, better period. They will finally solve difficult issues, pay off debts, if any, and establish a love relationship. An interesting acquaintance awaits the single ones.

In September 2020, the Taurus horoscope is full of pleasant surprises. You can relax and reap the fruits of your labour. And it’s not surprising, because you’ve been working for a very long time, forgetting about rest. Prosperity awaits you materially, but you shouldn’t stop learning how to save money.

Men and women who haven’t yet decided on their careers can sign up for additional courses in September.


In September, it may seem to you that others do not understand you and are trying to use you for their own purposes. In fact, this is not the case. It’s just that in some situations you exaggerate and you cannot cope with emotions.

September 2020 prepared for Gemini a lot of situations where they will have to show their perseverance. Your loved ones might make you jealous. A financially not very good period is round the corner. It might be better to find a part-time job.

Men should take more cue from their loved ones. After all, often in the pursuit of a career or finance, you forget about the most important thing. Women need to chill out and pay heed to themselves and not others.


This month will be a period of meditation, growth and learning for this zodiac sign. You might do some courses or find a new hobby. This will help to distract from the daily routine.

September horoscope 2020 promises financial well-being to representatives of Cancer star sign. A lot of them should expect an increase in wages, and for those who are in search, the month promises new prospects. Don’t waste them!

On a personal note, both women and men will be fine. But your relationship is so measured that it can seem boring. Don’t be afraid to add a little pepper, organize an active trip, or get liberated with your loved one.


This month will be difficult, as a lot of work and unresolved issues have piled on you. The first decade of September should be fully devoted to work, training, and financial matters. In the second half of the month, you can relax a little, as it promises to be quieter.

September horoscope 2020 for Leo zodiac sign recommends its representatives to avoid conflicts, because they won’t bring them any benefit. Beware of new proposals, think a few times before agreeing. This is especially important for the financial aspect.

If talking about love affairs, be more careful, stop controlling your partner, and proving your point. Otherwise, conflicts cannot be avoided. New acquaintances and flirting await single women.


September will be full of bright and extraordinary events. Surprises, encounters with old friends, interesting trips will be a part of your life. Don’t miss your chance and enjoy a great period.

Working Virgos might get new job offers in September. These may be interesting projects or promotions that could bring a good profit.

September is an excellent period for Virgo men to devote their time to self-development. New flirting awaits for women, but don’t get too carried away. Single people will have a quiet period, but an interesting acquaintance may soon develop into a romance.


If it seems to you that the world is against you, but it’s not true. Turn attention to family members who are always ready to help. In September, conflict situations, problems at work or in school are possible, but they are manageable.

The horoscope for September 2020 recommends Libra to curb their character and not get nervous. The problems will be temporary and will soon end, and you will begin a new period in your life. Women need to pay attention to themselves and stop ignoring the signals of the body. Some should even get checked up. Financial losses await men, so try to avoid risky deals and investments.


September will be a period of business prospects for you. You will receive an interesting offer. But consider whether it is worth agreeing, as you will have to sacrifice something.

The Scorpios are starting a great period financially. They will have additional earnings, a new project or promotion is possible. If you have been planning to change profession for a long time, feel free to sign up for courses or take time for self-development.

During this period men and women should turn their focus toward work, having new perspectives and setting priorities.


September will be a turning point for you. If you were hiding something from your soul mate, all your secrets will come out. It’s better to solve the postponed cases in the first half of the month, otherwise they will grow like a rolling snowball.

Sagittarius men may experience financial losses. They might have to spend up or pay off old debts. A job change is possible, but don’t be afraid, as a new place will be more promising.

In September, Sagittarius need to rethink and reevaluate their lives. Dealing with some issues, you could have done the wrong thing


You are reaping the fruits of your labors and enjoying a wonderful period. September will also delight you with excellent financial opportunities and career prospects.

In the first half of September, you will receive unexpected news. It can unsettle you, but try not to attach too much importance to it. The stars recommend you let everything take its course and maintain peace of mind. Then everything will work out.

In the second half of the month, women will have a pleasant social, perhaps with an old friend. Men should take care of their health.


You have many plans and goals. September is the time to start implementing them. This month will be very successful and interesting for you in terms of profits and career prospects.

If you have been looking for a job for a long time, you may well receive a new offer. Working representatives of this star sign will have a favorable period. You can be noticed and even get rewarded by the bosses. But you need to stay focused and try to control your emotions. Otherwise, conflicts can’t be avoided.

Women need to take a closer look at their loved one this month. You have offended him in some way, so try to improve the relationship.


September won’t be as favorable as you would like. In the first half of the month, financial losses, conflicts with family members, emotional outbursts are possible. Try not to overreact, as this will help maintain peace of mind.

If you are looking for a job, good offers are possible in the second half of September. Be sure to pay attention to them. Working Pisces need to be attentive with colleagues, because someone is acting behind your back.

Misunderstanding and jealousy will be present in the love affairs. Try not to foment conflicts in order to maintain the relationship.

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