Last New Moon this summer – what will it be like in August 2020?

Last New Moon this summer – what will it be like in August 2020?


On August 19, 2020 the last New Moon of this summer will take place. Let’s find out what to await from this interesting and full of mysteries period. is revealing the main secrets of the New Moon in August 2020. Get to know things you can and can’t do during the New Moon, see the signs and main secrets that await you this time.

New Moon in August 2020: the time we are expecting

The new moon of the last summer month will take place on August 19 at 02:41. Moon rise is expected at 04:51 and its fall at 20:37. The New Moon phase finishes the next cycle of the lunar calendar and starts a new one – these are 29, 30 and 1 lunar days. On New Moon in August 2020, Apple Feast of the Saviour takes place. It’s a great religious holiday in which apples, pears and other fruits are blessed at church.

last New Moon

The moon is in the sign of Virgo. This is a period of renewal and accumulation of positive energy. Read further in our article about things you can do on New Moon to feel cheerful and energized.

What should you do on New Moon August 2020: Astrologers’ Recommendations

Astrologers recommend making plans and vision boards for the New Moon. Autumn is ahead – a change of season and, accordingly, a time for new beginnings and purposes that should be achieved by the end of 2020. What should be done on New Moon in August in order to succeed and start a new stage in life?

1. If you have long wanted to start dieting, cleanse the body or start doing sports, then New Moon is the best time for such activities.

2. The New Moon phase is the perfect period to get rid of smoking and other addictions. If you start to change for the better today, it will be easier for your body to adapt to new conditions.

3. On New Moon, you can buy new things (just not very expensive). Postpone trades such as buying real estate or a car for another, more favorable time.

4. Make sure to make a wish for the New Moon in August 2020. This is a period of a meteor shower and thoughts of the future.

New Moon in August 2020

5. The New Moon will be the best time for rest and relaxation. The young moon phase was preceded by a waning phase. Accordingly, the strength of your body is at the breaking point and it needs your care, recharge and reboot.

6. Period of the New Moon is also the most auspicious time to find and attract your soulmate. If you have liked someone for a long time, take the first step and arrange a date on New Moon.

7. It’s also a great chance to decide on a new fall wardrobe. Follow the fall-winter 2020-2021 fashion trends and work on changing your image. The New Moon is a great phase for experiments!

8. Switch your attention to solving current problems and don’t try to cover everything at once.

Further, we will tell you what else shouldn’t be done on New Moon in order to avoid trouble during this difficult period.

New Noon in August 2020: taboos

Although the New Moon is considered a time of change, there is a list of things that shouldn’t be done during the young moon phase.

  • Don’t borrow money or give other people your personal belongings on New Moon. There is a belief that there won’t be any money in the house if you borrow it on New Moon.
  • Don’t pour out salt during the new moon.
  • Don’t schedule important negotiations with partners and business meetings for the day and evening of New Moon.
New Moon in August 2020
  • Moving, changing jobs on New Moon is also undesirable. But this phase of the moon is very successful for starting a new business, so don’t waste time!
  • Don’t cut your hair on the day of the young moon. You can see the detailed haircut lunar calendar for August 2020, as well as read the information about favorable days for visiting a hairdresser, here.
  • And one more “no” for New Moon – don’t believe in superstition and everything will be great!

August New Moon ritual to attract love

An ancient Slavic rite has long helped girls find their ones destined for. During New Moon in August 2020, it’s especially relevant, as pears ripen at this time. So, on the day of the New Moon, before sunset, you need to perform the following ritual. Take a ripe pear and three matches. Cut the pear in half, making the following speech: “As the whole was divided, as the one was separated, so I sit, sadly alone.”

New Moon in August

Then, connect the 2 parts of the pear using matches, sticking them from top, from below and in the middle. The pear has become one piece again, and you have to say the following words: “As different parts have connected, turned into one, so I will find my soulmate, I will kick out sadness and anxiety! Let it be so!”

Wrap the ritual pear in a clean linen cloth and fill it up under the fruit tree. Soon, pure and bright love will appear in your life.

Omens for New Moon in August 2020

If rituals and spells aren’t your things, watch the signs that await you on New Moon in August 2020.

New Moon in August
  • Showing your wallet to the moon during New Moon is a good omen. The profit will be growing with it.
  • Seeing the young moon on your right spells good luck.
  • The young moon arisen on your left spells difficulties and anxiety.
  • Having a wedding on New Moon wedding holds out the prospect of a long and happy family life.
  • But don’t rush to celebrate the anniversary that is on the same day as New Moon – this will lead to separation and loss of understanding.
  • If on the night of New Moon you dreamed that your tooth was pulled out, this may mean parting with your loved one.

Take care of yourself and believe only in good omens! 

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