How Social Media Influencers Impact Online Buying Decisions

How Social Media Influencers Impact Online Buying Decisions


Social media platforms were initially made for people to stay in touch with each other. But as the use of social media platforms gained more prominence in our lives, many businesses seeing the potential began to use it to market their goods and services. Your parents would not understand or agree but the paradigm has shifted so much that now being an Instagram model and content creator might be viable careers for some people.  

If you want to understand how social media influencers impact online buying decisions and why social media marketing is effective, then stick around because in this blog, we are going to explore that in detail. So, let’s dive in;

How Social Media Influencers Impact Online Buying Decisions 1

Why is Social Media Influencer Marketing So Effective?

Human behavior has always been influenced by other people. In the past people would look up to models, actors and politicians now the focus has shifted on social media influencers. People are more willing to trust social media influencers due to their transparency and authenticity. 

  • Conversion Data from Invesp Conversion Rate Optimization company shows that 70% of teenagers trust influencers more than celebrities, 40% people reported buying a product online after seeing an influencer use it, 72% people trust a business more after it has been recommended by an influencer, these figures highlight how effective social media marketing is. 

How Do Social Media Influencers Impact Online Buying Decisions?

How Social Media Influencers Impact Online Buying Decisions 2

1. Influencers as Market Trendsetters

Whereas in the past brands and designers set trends and changed the landscape, now influencers have become trendsetters in the digital marketing world. They use their platforms to communicate with a large audience built over time. Their authenticity, relatability, transparency, entertaining and engaging content resonate with the audience. The trust of a large group of people gives them the power to introduce new products, set trends and styles among their followers.   

2. Build Trust and Authenticity

To be successful as an influencer, authenticity is vital for long term success. The most important reason anyone trusts influencers is because of their authenticity. Authentic influencers are genuine, transparent and consistent, not every product or service gets a positive review.  Influencers build their trust over time by sharing personal stories, being consistent, engaging with the audience and admitting when they are wrong. Influencers utilize this trust to influence the buying decisions of people. 

3. Influencer as Product Recommenders

Influencers’ role as product recommenders is quite effective. Data shows 49% people rely on product recommendations shared by influencers. Influencers’ credibility, authenticity, and transparency are the factors why people rely on product recommendations by influencers. Influencers have a great ability to showcase products by weaving in personal storytelling in a visually appealing way which affects people’s decisions to buy products.     

4. Personal Connection and Relatability

Personal connection and relatability are two of the reasons for successful social media influencer marketing. Influencers are niche experts, they develop personal connections and relatability by sharing personal experiences, being vulnerable and authentic, and engaging with the audience using relatable language. It is important to remember that building personal connections takes time so it is important to be patient. If you are new as an influencer, you can buy likes and followers on the platform to get an initial boost.     

5. Influencers Empower Consumers with Information

Researching while opting for a certain product or service might be hectic and time-consuming, influencers can provide consumers with the information needed to decide the form of product reviews, tutorials and comparisons in an engaging and entertaining way. They provide users with their unbiased opinion based on personal experience thus influencing people’s buying decisions. You can buy likes from quality sources on your reviews and tutorials to gain more traction on the videos.   

6. Social Proof and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Influencers market products and services sharing social proof in the form of reviews, star ratings and feedback from the product users. One other way influencer market products are by creating FOMO among people by employing how a certain product or service is available for a limited time or the discount or sale is available to a limited people and for a limited time. Both social proof and FOMO make people buy products and services.  

7. Diverse Platforms, Diverse Impact

Rather than sticking to one platform to market to their user base, influencers use different platforms and their tools which help them reach out to a broader audience. An influencer on YouTube might be making detailed in-depth reviews but on Instagram, they will keep the review snappy and short keeping in mind the format of Instagram reels. This way they can impact the  buying decisions of different audiences. 

8. Humanized Brand Experience

Brands are often run by corporate conglomerates whose content is very promotional in nature. Brands’ collaboration with influencers helps them in humanizing their brand. Influencers sharing their personal experiences with the product or service makes the brand appear more accessible and human. This way influencers can impact the buying decisions of people in choosing a certain brand.  

9. Influencer Reviews Over Traditional Ads

Traditional ads are more promotional in nature, people prefer influencer reviews which tend to be more personal, transparent and authentic. Data shows that 92% of buyers trust more in influencer reviews than traditional ads. This shows how influencer reviews can impact people’s buying decisions. As an influencer, you can buy likes from quality sources to boost your reviews.  


Q: What is the impact of influencers?

A: They help you achieve higher engagement rates on social media and influence people’s buying decisions by sharing their authentic and unbiased reviews based on personal usage. 

Q: How do influencers affect buying decisions?

A: They impact buying deskins by offering authentic reviews and sharing personal experiences of sharing products and services. Their transparency, authenticity and personal connection with the audience affect people’s buying decisions.   

Q: Why is using influencers effective?

A: They help you establish social proof and build brand awareness.

Concluding Remarks

To sum up, no social media marketing strategy is complete without influencers. Data shows that 72% of people trust a business more after it has been recommended by an influencer. Influencers impact people’s buying decisions by building trust and personal connection with the followers over time. Influencers help humanize brands, build awareness and achieve higher engagement. Their transparency, authenticity and unbiased opinion combined with excellent storytelling and visual techniques result in impacting people’s buying decisions. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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