20+ cutest and funniest cats according to readers of Joy-pup

20+ cutest and funniest cats according to readers of Joy-pup


Is it possible to get bored with cats? Definitely not! They know how to amuse even when they sleep. And these cute animals have perfect facial expressions. It’s fun to play with them, it’s very cool to watch them.

Joy-pup already wrote about cats you won’t get bored with, and now we want to introduce a new selection of funny wigglefloofs from our readers. Watch and admire your pets who became the heroes of the funniest photo collection.

Relaxing! That’s how it’s done 🙂


Is anything wrong?


Winter is a wonderful season for walks… Or relaxation on a cosy sofa.

When grandchildren arrived

cat on the closet

Yoga expert!

Yoga expert

Sweet dreams

the cat is sleeping

Sleepy trio

Sleepy trio

It is proved that cats love trees. Still, not everyone can get off on their own. So, you can just play at home, and you don’t need to climb anywhere)

“Machine” tat can destoy everything, from the apartment to flowers

the cat fell asleep

Best position ever!

the cat is resting



These cats enjoy relaxation


cat Baffled

Had to lie down for a little

the cat is lying

«What are you doing here? Tim is very curious cat:)»

surprised cat

It’s never boring )

surprised cat

Are you opening the presents?

By the way, this cat is good at playing hide-and-seek

the cat hid

The most comfortable posotion!

seals are sitting

Who wants a gift?

Tricks expert! Can you repeat that?

cat magician
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