11.11 – why this mirror date is considered special

11.11 – why this mirror date is considered special


Numerologists say that the date 11/11/2022 is extremely lucky. Even your most cherished desires can come true if you know how to make them come true. Read on Joy-pup what the date is and the aspects we need to consider.

Mirror date 11.11 – the meaning of this day

11.11 – why this mirror date is considered special 1

In numerology, most numbers add up until you get a single digit. The exceptions are the main numbers, such as 11, 22 and 33. They are considered especially significant. The date 11/11/2022 is extremely powerful, because it opens an energy portal for the fulfillment of desires. This allows us to connect with ourselves, gain spiritual awareness, and prophetic dreams can also occur. Repeating numbers are the numbers of angels and have a higher energy power than ordinary ones. On November 11, 2022, Jupiter is next to Neptune in the sign of Pisces. This means strengthening emotions, intuition and connection with the divine.

11.11 – why this mirror date is considered special 2

In numerology, the number 1 is very strong. One means creation, birth and growth. It refers to action and power and is the source of the universe. According to numerologists, when the clock shows 11.11, this is the perfect time to make a wish. The same thing happens on November 11 – this day gives us the opportunity to connect with the Universe much easier. On 11/11/2022 we can receive the fulfillment of our desires within 24 hours.

November 11 is the number of the angel. On this day, the thoughts of each person work like desires. But when the clock shows 11:11, the power of manifestation becomes even greater. On this day you have a chance to get everything you want. For this to happen, you must first make a list of your goals or desires that you want to fulfill. Deep focus on thought and idea will help to realize your most cherished dreams.

How to make a wish 11/11/2022

11.11 – why this mirror date is considered special 3

November 11, 2022 is a truly special day, especially since it comes after a total lunar eclipse that has significantly affected the lives of each zodiac sign. If you want to connect with the spiritual side and receive positive energy, then you should take advantage of this day. The number 1 is associated with the Sun, which emphasizes the energy of the individual. And for this day to be in your favor, it is important to pay close attention to your thoughts. On this day, there should be no negativity and despondency in the head. Focus on what you want to happen to you instead of being afraid of something. On this day, intuition plays a particularly important role, so you should listen to what it tells you.

11.11 – why this mirror date is considered special 4

To make your wishes come true, do the following on 11/11/2022:

  • write your goals on a wish card;
  • write down your desires in a diary, notepad or journal;
  • meditate and think about what you want as if you already have it;
  • say your wishes out loud in front of a mirror.
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