Amulet by zodiac sign: choose a mascot by date of birth

Amulet by zodiac sign: choose a mascot by date of birth


Even our ancestors used amulets to protect themselves from bad things and bring good luck to life. Each of us has a thing that accompanies us in the most important moments of life or is constantly with us in our wallet or bag. Astrologers have studied the character of each zodiac sign and compiled a list of talismans that correspond to the characteristics of each zodiac sign. Find out on Joy-pup which amulet is right for you.


If you were born under the sign of Aries, your amulet should be in the form of a key to be worn as a piece of jewelry or a pendant. This will attract professional success and improve the balance of energy in certain situations. It is recommended to choose a key made of silver, which will neutralize all the bad energy directed at you.


Representatives of the zodiac sign Taurus are recommended to wear a charm with the image of a cat. This energy helps Taurus to better assess the situations in which they find themselves, feel the atmosphere and mood, and turn any unfavorable circumstances to their advantage. The cat symbol protects from conflict situations. It can be jewelry, as well as the silhouette or image of a cat on the cover of a phone or wallet.


Geminis are creative people, and this side needs to be strengthened. You need to achieve an energy balance, harmony between the intellect and emotions and between the two, sometimes opposite sides of the personality. The good luck amulet for you should be in the shape of a star – a beautiful shape that is widely used as an ornament. Wear the star as a pendant on a chain, bracelet or earrings.


Four-leaf clover is suitable for the Cancer sign as a good luck charm that brings success both in love and in business. It can be an inconspicuous pendant on your bracelet, necklace, keychain. If you want to attract the attention of the opposite sex or restore harmony in existing relationships, wear a talisman for good luck in the form of a snake.


The big, strong and domineering Leo lacks lightness, and they will attract this energy with a talisman for good luck in the form of a bird feather. With this talisman you will get energy balance, optimism and creativity. You can carry the feather with you, in the smallest compartment of your bag or in your clothing pocket.


Representatives of the Virgo sign are stable, always acting in their own way, wisely and without any particular ambitions. A charm in the form of a golden wheat grain will help to overcome obstacles in all areas of life. A seed pendant will help you realize your ideas, goals and attract success.


Since Libra is the only object in the horoscope, he needs a horseshoe talisman. With it, you will see new opportunities, attract pleasant impressions into your life, and achieve material goals. If this symbol does not suit your refined taste, then carry it in your purse or under the most conspicuous jewelry so as not to attract attention.


The mysterious Scorpio is best suited for mystical symbols. It should be a metal talisman in the form of a line in combination with any red stone. It can be a pin with a red crystal, a ring of small rubies with a vertical or horizontal line, a brooch, a buckle. With the help of this amulet, Scorpions will be able to protect themselves from negative energy and overcome difficult situations and times, strengthen vitality and protect against dishonest intentions.


The fiery and dynamic sign Sagittarius needs self-control, reflection and wisdom, and this will bring them a lucky charm in the form of a turtle. In moments when patience and calmness are required, the turtle will reduce impulsive energy. With a turtle for good luck, the energy is balanced and bestows wisdom and patience.


For Capricorns, an ideal amulet for good luck in the form of a dragonfly. This earth sign lacks lightness, cheerfulness and playfulness, and the talisman will attract the energy of good mood, good luck and activity. In difficult times, the dragonfly helps to regain self-confidence, raise enthusiasm and achieve success.


For Aquarius, choose a charm with a religious symbol – one that reflects your beliefs. If you are not religious, choose a charm that is closest to your values ​​and beliefs. A talisman for good luck will protect you from negative energy, strengthen your spiritual world and return you inspiration and enthusiasm in life.


The sun is important for Pisces to activate, invigorate and move them forward. The amulet in the form of the sun will give self-confidence, pull hypersensitivity and mood swings out of the “dark waters”, help reveal inner strength and focus on the main thing.

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