Black Moon: Second New Moon in April 2022

Black Moon: Second New Moon in April 2022


Black Moon is not a very well-known astronomical term. In recent years, he has gained popularity in social networks, the media, among astrologers and followers of the Wiccan religion. We at Joy-pup will tell you what the Black Moon is and when this celestial phenomenon will occur in April 2022.

Black Moon: Second New Moon in April 2022 1

What is the Black Moon?

The term Black Moon is used to refer to some of the astronomical phenomena associated with the New Moon.

  • Second New Moon in a month. The Black Moon occurs about once every 29 months. Due to differences in time zones, the month in which they occur may vary.
  • Third New Moon in a season of four New Moons. There are usually only three New Moons in a season. When there are four New Moons in a season, the third one is called the Black Moon. This is a fairly rare event that occurs about once every 33 months.
  • No New Moon in February. This happens approximately every 19 years when the New Moon falls at the end of January and the beginning of March. There are about 29 days between the two phases of the New Moon. However, since February usually has only 28 days (except in leap years), February may not include this lunar phase, with January and March each having two New Moon phases.
  • No Full Moon in February. Also every 19 years it happens that January and March have two phases of the Full Moon, and in February this year it does not happen. Then the state of the Black Moon acquires two Blue Moons, which can only happen in the phase of the full moon.

Black Moon in April 2022

Black Moon: Second New Moon in April 2022 2

The only Black Moon in 2022 will occur in April. There are two New Moons this month:

  1. April 1 at 09:28 in the sign of Aries.
  2. April 30 at 23:38 in the sign of Taurus.

The next Black Moon will occur on May 19, 2023.

The New Moon is almost invisible to the naked eye, so during the Black Moon we cannot see anything from Earth. For astronomers, a moonless sky is great for stargazing, as the moon’s light doesn’t obscure them. 1-2 days after the Black Moon, a thin crescent can be seen after sunset.

New Moon Meaning

Black Moon: Second New Moon in April 2022 3

In many religious calendars, the New Moon is used to mark the beginning of months – the Hebrew and Islamic calendars are among the most famous. The April new moon kicks off Ramadan, the holy month in Islam, in which practitioners fast throughout the day (except for drinking water). For Jews, the new moon ends with Adar and begins with Nisan, the month in which Passover occurs (Pesach falls on April 15).

New moons provide an opportunity to restart. Whatever area of ​​your life that needs a little tidying up, the New Moon can help usher in a welcome change. Do you want a new relationship, strive to get rid of a bad habit or start your own business? Set an intention during the New Moon phase and watch it evolve over time. Write your intention on a piece of paper using present tense verbs as if it has already happened. Speak them for several weeks in front of a mirror.

New Moons also provide a great opportunity for reflection. With this astrological event comes a calmness we don’t normally see, making it a great time to meditate, affirm, and reconnect with yourself.

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