Full Moon in February 2023: how the Snow Moon will affect us

Full Moon in February 2023: how the Snow Moon will affect us


The Full Moon is visible from the night side of the Earth when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. This position is called opposition in astronomy. When the heavenly body shines in full force, this is truly a mystical and bewitching sight. Find out on Joy-pup when the Full Moon is in February 2023.

Full moon in February 2023 – what date will occur

Full Moon in February 2023: how the Snow Moon will affect us 1

The moon reaches its opposition on February 5, 2023, when we from Earth will see the Full Moon in the sky. This will happen on the 15th lunar day. In February 2023, the Full Moon is in Leo, the sign of achievement and the need for attention. Leo’s adventurous energy heralds a time of excitement. This special Full Moon is an opportunity to communicate closely with many people, organize various meetings and events, and unite the work team. Even though February is the coldest month, it’s time to start a cozy relationship and look at things from a brighter point of view. Beware of adventures, excitement and affairs that are related to finances.

Why is the February full moon called the Snow Moon?

Full Moon in February 2023: how the Snow Moon will affect us 2

The concept of giving the Full Moon different names goes back to the Native Americans. They gave the moon nicknames, usually related to the weather, crops, or animal behavior. The full moon in February is called the Snow Moon because it often snows during this month. Alternative names: Invigorating Moon, Hungry Moon, Ice Moon, Purification and Renewal Moon, Cold Moon.

Snow Moon and zodiac signs

Full Moon in February 2023: how the Snow Moon will affect us 3


The Snow Moon will bring new energy to Aries and it is important that it is used. Be active even at a time when it is especially difficult for you.


Taurus, you need to stop making everyone happy because you can’t. Focus on yourself and don’t waste time on those who are of no value in your life.


Healing is a process that you will constantly go through, including during the February Full Moon. You need to go through this difficult period, after which the trauma and pain will go away.


Cancerians, keep looking for the right answers in life because you are good at it. The Snow Moon will help with the right choice.


You want to be in control of everything in your life, but you don’t have to be. It’s time to relax, trust that the right energy will come to you.


On the Full Moon, it’s time to do things that you have been putting off for a long time.


Use February for a break from mental work. The break will do you good.


The moment has come when you should let go of something that does not bring you any benefit or joy. This month, eliminate everything superfluous from your life and focus on your own feelings.


Sagittarius in February should try to overcome inertia. You are very productive in routine work, but from long monotonous work you lose momentum and you can even forget what you were working on.


For Capricorns, the period of festive fun unexpectedly dragged on. But already the second month of 2023 and it’s time to take up the mind.


February is a cold month, but it’s time to wake up. The Snow Moon requires you to focus on a particular activity, and not be scattered on empty ideas.


Pisces are very generous and put others first, but February is the time to focus on yourself. This will be a time for introspection so you can improve your state of mind.

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