Full Moon October 2023 – Lunar Eclipse and Hunter’s Moon

Full Moon October 2023 – Lunar Eclipse and Hunter’s Moon


The full moon is a mysterious and fascinating astronomical phenomenon that has captivated people’s attention for centuries. This moment has always been a source of folklore, mysticism and inspiration. Read on Joy-pup when the full moon comes in October, its effect on a person.

When is the Full Moon in October 2023?

Full Moon October 2023 – Lunar Eclipse and Hunter’s Moon 1

The full moon will occur on October 28 and will reach its peak at 11:24 pm. This will happen in the zodiac sign Taurus, on the 15th lunar day. This event coincides with a partial lunar eclipse, when the Earth’s shadow will be covered by 12% of the full Moon. Therefore, you should be doubly careful and not plan anything important during this period.

The October full moon is also known as the Hunter’s Moon, given its name by the Indians who used its light to hunt and stockpile before winter. In 2023, the Full Moon comes in the sign of Taurus, which promises change. Look at these changes not as obstacles, but as new opportunities in your life. It is important to maintain your self-esteem and accept yourself as you are in order to better adapt to changes around you. The Full Moon in Taurus also highlights the importance of stability, but achieving it will be a challenge as Taurus is an Earth sign that symbolizes confidence, practicality and conservatism.

How does the Full Moon in Taurus affect a person?

Full Moon October 2023 – Lunar Eclipse and Hunter’s Moon 2

The Full Moon in Taurus will affect not only people, but also animals. On the one hand, we may be more enthusiastic, passionate and assertive, but on the other hand, we will make mistakes due to haste and emotional involvement. Disagreements and tension may arise in relationships and partnerships as both parties become stubborn.

Nerves and complaints and a tendency to gossip will reign. We will try to impose our point of view and our will on others. Problems and tensions can arise in family relationships, and no one will take a step back, so scandals are inevitable.

The full moon can lead to confusion, over-sensitivity, lethargy, and also a tendency to idealize. In this aspect, imagination can greatly influence the perception of reality, so it is important to find creative outlets for it. Otherwise, we risk losing touch with logic and becoming vulnerable to deception or our own illusions.

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