Haircut lunar calendar for april 2022 – time to shine

Haircut lunar calendar for april 2022 – time to shine


The heavenly body has an influence not only on well-being and hot flashes, but also on the growth and appearance of hair. Therefore, women induce beauty on certain days. Read the lunar calendar for April on Joy-pup and choose a good date for a haircut.

April 1

If your hair is thin and brittle, schedule a trip to the hairdresser today. During the New Moon phase, hair grows back quickly, which should be taken into account by girls who grow hair.

April 2

A good day for a haircut according to the lunar calendar. It is allowed to dye hair in shades close to the natural color.

April 3

A visit to the hairdresser today will bring good luck and financial well-being.

April, 4

A good day for hair treatments.

April 5

Auspicious day for hair coloring, especially creative and bright colors.

April 6

Neutral day to visit the hairdresser.

April 7

Today, any experiments with hair that you could not decide on before are welcome.

April 8

Today’s haircut will bring dramatic changes in life.

April 9

Unfavorable day for cutting and coloring hair.

April 10th

Today you can perform chemical and biowave.

April 11

If you do not want your hair to become lifeless and split, it is better to refrain from visiting a beauty salon.

April 12th

Hair strengthening procedures will be effective. A haircut will bring financial well-being.

April 13

Any manipulations with hair will attract conflicts and misunderstandings with others into your life.

14th of April

Neutral day for cutting and coloring.

April 15

Wrong time to visit the hairdresser. Today’s hairstyle or haircut will be extremely unsuccessful and will ruin your mood.

April 16

If you have curly hair, you can trim the ends, but in general, visiting a beauty salon is not recommended.

April 17

The right time for the shortest women’s haircuts, which will radically change the image of the owner and bring positive emotions to life.

April 18th

Refrain from any manipulation of the hair to avoid dandruff and hair loss.

April 19

An unfavorable day for a change of image.

20 April

Today you can do styling or experiment with toning hair. Cutting hair is not recommended.

April 21

The day is suitable for any chemical effect on the hair.

April 22

A haircut will negatively affect the condition of the hair, it is better to reschedule the date.

April 23

Favorable day for hair care procedures: body wrap, masks, massage.

April 24

After a haircut, the hair will be naughty, brittle, and poorly styled.

25th of April

The day is suitable for the correction of bangs or length, but it is better to postpone a cardinal change of image.

26 April

Favorable time for hair coloring, which will give a new impetus to life.

April 27

After visiting the hairdresser, your hair will be healthy, shiny and attractive.

April 28

According to the lunar calendar, today is a good day to visit a hairdresser. This will bring pleasant changes in life and improve the financial situation.

April 29

The perfect day for a makeover.

April 30

Today, any hairdressing manipulation will strengthen and improve the condition of the hair.

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