Haircut lunar calendar for February 2023 – favorable days for changing your image

Haircut lunar calendar for February 2023 – favorable days for changing your image


The desire to change your hairstyle can arise for no particular reason, just to change your image and cheer yourself up. The choice of a particular haircut is a matter of trend or mood. A haircut made in accordance with the lunar calendar can positively affect a person’s energy, the beauty of strands and well-being. Find out on auspicious days when you can cut your hair according to the lunar calendar.

Haircut lunar calendar for February 2023 – favorable days for changing your image 1

1st of February

The lunar calendar 2023 will favor your transformation today. A visit to the master will lead you to success in your work.

February 2

A good time for transformation, the strands will grow back healthy and thick.

February 3rd

An unfavorable day for cutting hair, even the ends. A new hairstyle can bring personal problems and dandruff.

February 4

Neutral day for a haircut.

February 5th

Today is not suitable for a change of image and a new hairstyle, as you can cut off luck.

February 6

Auspicious day for any hair manipulation. Particularly suitable for coloring and manicure.

February 7

Going to the hairdresser on this day guarantees you luxurious and chic hair. But this can have a very negative impact on changes in life. So, if everything in your life is good at the moment, then the trip to the master should be postponed for a better day.

Haircut lunar calendar for February 2023 – favorable days for changing your image 2

February 8

According to the lunar calendar, today it is highly undesirable to cut your hair. They themselves will not suffer, but this will seriously affect the general condition of the body.

February 9th

Good day for a makeover. After cutting the hair, they will become lush and airy, the growth of the strands will noticeably accelerate.

February 10

If you need a radical change in your life, visit the hairdresser and get a new haircut today.

February 11th

Favorable time for dyeing hair, even in the most radical colors. The shade will be successful and will not be washed off for a long time.

12th of February

The lunar calendar does not recommend visiting the master today. The haircut will be unsuccessful and will bring petty quarrels with the people around you.

February 13

Bad day for a haircut. If you decide to visit a hairdresser today, it will make your body vulnerable and susceptible to disease.

The 14th of February

Hair cutting on this day does not affect their condition, but promises favorable changes in business. There will be positive changes at work and with colleagues.

Haircut lunar calendar for February 2023 – favorable days for changing your image 3

February, 15

A new haircut will help you look good and improve your financial situation.

February 16

It is not recommended to cut hair, as during this period the growth phase of the hair follicle closes.

February 17

Unfavorable period for the transformation of appearance. Hair can lose a lot of moisture and become dull.

February 18

If you want to keep the shape and length of your haircut, make an appointment with the hairdresser today. During this period, hair growth slows down, and the hairstyle will retain its original appearance for a long time.

February 19

An unfavorable day not only for a haircut, but even for washing your hair. Any effect on the hair entails adverse consequences – the curls become naughty, and the haircut does not keep its shape.

February 20th

A good time for wellness manipulations with hair at the beautician. A fresh haircut will favorably affect the general condition of the hair.

February 21

One of the best days for a haircut. The hair will grow well, the ends will split less, the roots will get stronger, and the structure of the dokon will become much better. You can dye your hair and do a perm, the result will exceed all expectations.

Haircut lunar calendar for February 2023 – favorable days for changing your image 4

February 22

A good day for a haircut and hair health. During the Waxing Moon, the fluid in the body is activated, stimulating blood circulation, which supplies the hair follicles with beneficial substances.

February 23

The lunar calendar recommends doing beauty care procedures. Today, the hair will absorb all the nutrients well and you will get a fantastic effect.

24 February

On this day, it is highly recommended not to cut your hair, as this will lead to profuse hair loss.

25 February

A new haircut on this day will update your image, add strength, help you make the right decision or get rid of monotony.

February 26

Neutral day for a haircut.

February 27

Today is not the best time to go to the master. Together with cut hair, you risk losing your luck in life.

28th of February

If it is possible to avoid manipulations with hair on this day, then you should use this. Otherwise, changes in the love sphere will surely follow, and not always favorable.

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