Hot, creamy, spicy? Autumn soups according to the zodiac sign

Hot, creamy, spicy? Autumn soups according to the zodiac sign


Soup is such a varied food that it’s easy to find one that suits your taste, nutritional needs, season, and even your birth sign. If you’re not sure which soup to make today, we at have some delicious advice for every zodiac sign.

Hot, creamy, spicy? Autumn soups according to the zodiac sign 1


Active and energetic Aries are ruled by the planet Mars and represent the element of fire. Nothing will please a person born under this sign more than a bowl of hot red spicy soup. This is what Mexican bean soup with chili and crispy nachos looks like.


A lover of luxury, the patient but stubborn Taurus will be satisfied with a soup that is as charming as he is. The dish should not only look beautiful, but also have a great taste and divine aroma. Creamy soup of broccoli and potatoes, seasoned with sour cream, garnished with sesame seeds and fresh herbs, certainly fits the aesthetic and gourmet requirements of Taurus.

Hot, creamy, spicy? Autumn soups according to the zodiac sign 2


For a typical Gemini, the type of food, as well as its absorption, is not so important. He simply does not have time for this, because he has to devote himself to other, more interesting activities for him. This sign is known for not finishing many things that have been started. To keep up with his busy life, he needs a soup that will give him enough energy after just a few spoonfuls. For example, mushroom cream soup with pumpkin.


For the sensitive Cancer, rich homemade soup is the bliss of the soul. After all, it is in the safety of the house and in a cozy kitchen that he can close himself from the traps of the outside world and cook something. He loves to cook a full pot of soup not only for himself, but for his entire beloved family. An excellent and fragrant seafood soup will take Cancers in their thoughts to where they especially like to be – in the water.


A Leo loves good food and when he likes it, he can talk about it for hours. But he does not like light vegetarian soups with vegetables, because he is a Leo and he needs meat. And there is a lot of this ingredient in the Hungarian pork and beef goulash soup.

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A responsible and meticulous Virgo may seem calm on the outside, but inside everything is in full swing. Virgo constantly thinks, analyzes, and when she takes on something, she can work to exhaustion so that the result is perfect. Tiring work can weaken the strength of the Virgo, so she needs something nutritious and healthy that will calm her nerves and sensitive digestion. The finished medicine is a fragrant Vietnamese soup with rice noodles. A strong broth and a constellation of spices will give strength and energy.


A full plate of thick creamy soup is exactly what gentle Libra crave. This sign has great charm and aesthetic sense, as well as a love of balance and composure. And since Libra’s birthday falls at a time when it starts to get colder outside, hot and rich soup will certainly come in handy. Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Red Lentils and Coconut Milk fits the sign of Libra just in time.


Mysterious, capricious and passionate, Scorpio is not afraid to experiment with food and literally attracts with deep tastes. So do not be surprised that when he decides to cook cabbage, it will not be a typical dish. He can take sweet potatoes instead of potatoes or Peking cabbage instead of white cabbage. But the result is always excellent, even with atypical products.

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A wandering soul and a love of adventure are typical signs of a Sagittarius. Even though this sign is mostly on the go, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy good food. Sagittarians are cheerful and are not going to limit themselves in anything. If they do not go anywhere, they like to carry themselves to distant lands, at least with the help of food. Thai chicken soup with shiitake mushrooms will contribute to this.


Patient, disciplined and persistent, Capricorn does not like to leave anything to chance. Why take risks when you can follow the path you know well? It’s the same with food. While others boldly use seaweed, lemongrass, Roman cumin or turmeric in cooking, Capricorn buys beets, potatoes, carrots and cabbage and cooks excellent red borscht from these products.

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People born under the sign of Aquarius never go with the flow, they want to be special and original. Aquarius loves freedom, and if you give him a recipe, he will never stick to the accuracy of ingredients or step by step cooking, but will diversify and improve the dish. Even the traditional Italian minestrone soup he cooks differently from the way it is customary in Italy.


Empathic Pisces love the peace of the warmth of their home, where they can dream peacefully. Whether it’s curled up in a chair under the covers, or in the kitchen where they can use their rich imagination and creativity. Even the quintessentially American cheese soup they serve looks and tastes absolutely amazing.

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