Love according to the horoscope: the ideal man for each zodiac sign

Love according to the horoscope: the ideal man for each zodiac sign


What is your ideal companion? There are women who still believe in Prince Charming and don’t want to be content with another man. And someone has already lost hope of finding a prince, but they have certain standards, which not every applicant reaches. The astrological horoscope describes the ideal man for each female zodiac sign, which we will cover on


Your ideal man should be determined and purposeful. Even strong women need a partner who can stand up to them. Fire and passion should be the two main characteristics of both. Unlike you, however, he needs to be patient and gentle to quench your tantrums and make you smile when you get angry.


Taurus women are absolutely adamant about some of the characteristics of their ideal man – he must be wealthy, reliable and passionate. You need a person who will enjoy the joys of life with you, able to give you guarantees for the future, so his profession is also very important. An ambitious woman like you needs a careerist.


Since you are quite fickle, you need a partner who will provide you with security and become that anchor that you could never find. You easily adapt to many types and characters of men, but you cannot refuse one: mental understanding. Your ideal man should be smart, bright, talkative and outgoing. To be with you, he must also have a pinch of madness.


Cancer women have clear ideas of what an ideal man should be – a good family man and love animals. You want him to be sensitive and attentive to your mood swings. If he cries with you while watching a movie, he is the perfect man.


Leos want a unique and special man to show off to their friends. Therefore, your ideal partner should know how to attract attention, while leaving the main role to you. You don’t need a handsome handsome man, but a manly man who will make you feel like the most important woman in the world. He should shower you with compliments and gifts, even if you don’t deserve it.


Virgos are very neat and pedantic, but do not demand the same from their partner. His bank account is one of the first things you want to keep under control, because it is important for you to prevent the possible financial collapse of the family. Also, the ideal man should be an educated person and not make grammatical errors.


You would never go out with a man who is dressed casually, somehow, in clothes that do not match the situation. Your ideal man should be elegant, sophisticated, gallant. It must have a neat and beautiful appearance. A person involved in politics or public affairs may please you and become the very man with whom you want to connect your life.


You will never admit it, but the main characteristic of the ideal man must be patience, otherwise he will never endure your constant antics. Magical sexual understanding is also necessary for you. Therefore, you want to have a passionate, experienced partner in sex.


Your ideal man should be handsome, smart, generous, athletic, cultured, affectionate, passionate. There are many characters in the books you read that embody all the characteristics you are looking for, but the reality is quite different. It is difficult for you to find the ideal in the potential applicants around you. Perhaps you need to slightly lower the standards of a man who suits you.


From your ideal man, you expect him to respect your plans in the first place. He won’t make you last-minute offers or surprises that make you put off work commitments. Strive for ambitious, rich men with a brilliant career. You pay little attention to the aesthetic aspect and you like to be around a more mature and older man.


Your ideal man should be extravagant, slightly non-standard, with an unusual profession. An artist, a musician, a writer, or a man with no well-defined job to project whatever comes over you. To make life difficult for yourself, you lose your head because of strange or unavailable men, whom you can never have constantly next to you.


Your ideal man is a classic fairy tale prince, ready to save you at any moment. Pisces are capricious women with complex tastes. Your ideal man is generous and inventive, who will win you over with a bouquet of flowers or an invitation to dinner at the castle.

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