Love horoscope for December 2022: dramas and fateful meetings

Love horoscope for December 2022: dramas and fateful meetings


Astrologers predict that the last month of the year will be turbulent in the area of ​​relationships for almost all signs of the zodiac. Fateful meetings, partings, the return of love from the past – for many, this period will bring changes in this field. Read the detailed love horoscope for December 2022 for all zodiac signs.


Love problems will occupy the attention of Aries throughout December. You will balance between your loved one and work, while the relationship with the first will be a little difficult. Single Aries are not in danger of changing their status this month.


An emotional crisis is brewing in your relationship with your soulmate. Temporary separation or distance will do you good and encourage you to find a good solution to your problems. In order for everything to be decided well, it is important to maintain internal energy and psychological balance. Do your best to save your love and not alienate the person you care about.


You feel that your union is bursting at the seams and the relationship is coming to a standstill. Now is the time to listen to your inner voice and pay attention to the signs that fate leaves you. Your partner’s inability to connect with you on a deeper level may be due to the fact that their attraction to you is purely physical.


In December, the stars recommend Cancers not to be too jealous and not to succumb to the provocations of their partner or partner. Maybe you’re just being tested to see how far your jealousy can go. Single Cancers will have fleeting intrigues that will lead nowhere ..


The love horoscope for December 2022 promises Leo love at first sight, which will last a very long time, and possibly forever. Those who are already in a relationship will be deliberating whether to leave their current relationship or return to an old love. The solution to this love dilemma will depend only on you.


Devs are waiting for a luxurious month full of love, beautiful courtship and pleasant intimate moments. You will enjoy communication and spending time with your soulmate, distant romantic trips are possible. Lonely people will have the opportunity to gather their courage to confess their love to the object of your attention.


Mars retrograde will bring too many fights and disagreements for couples. Usually balanced Libra will especially feel the influence of the retrograde period of this aggressive planet. This will turn you into a tired and unsatisfied person who will not be in a love relationship. It is better for free Libra not to accept courtship and proposals of an intimate nature in December.


December 2022 is the perfect time for Scorpios to forget their former love. The stars are now perfectly aspected, which means that you will be especially attractive to the opposite sex. So don’t waste your time and energy on your exes, but focus on the new happiness in your life.


If you have had a long and stable relationship, there comes a time when you want to change your status. Married Sagittarians will want to succumb to temptation and erotic pleasures. Secret relationships are possible that will not last long. Free Sagittarians will meet a very interesting person through their relatives.


In December, your love relationships will be in suspense. You will be annoyed by the behavior of your soulmate and the psychological pressure that you experience because of this. It is possible that you will feel that your relationship is hopeless. Trust what your intuition tells you, do not let the fear of loneliness guide your future life.


December will be very optimistic for Aquarius. Use the energy that the Universe sends you to achieve what you have long dreamed of in the realm of love. Whether it’s entering a new relationship, breaking up an old one, or trying to rekindle an old romance, the stars will support you. Free Aquarians have a very pronounced sexuality now, so they are ready to seduce and seek someone who is not indifferent to them.


Pisces tend to be sentimental and romantic, and December will be filled with tender, idyllic moments just to their liking. This period will be the right time to build mutual trust and faith in your relationship, which will become stronger and better. Lonely Pisces, trying to survive the collapse of a previous relationship, will finally calm down. The stars advise you to visit companies more often where you can meet a person with whom you will build a strong relationship.

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