Lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023: when will it come and what will it bring to us?

Lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023: when will it come and what will it bring to us?


A lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and its shadow falls on the Moon. As a result, the Moon temporarily moves into the Earth’s shadow, creating the impression of an eclipse. Lunar eclipses are relatively common and visible from many regions of the Earth. They come in two types: full and partial. During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow and takes on a reddish or copper hue due to the scattering of sunlight in the Earth’s atmosphere. Find out when the lunar eclipse will occur in October 2023.

Lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023: when will it come and what will it bring to us? 1

When will the lunar eclipse occur in October?

In October, we expect two eclipses – solar and lunar. They usually come in pairs and the period between them is called the eclipse corridor. A lunar eclipse always occurs during the Full Moon and in 2023 it can be observed on October 28 from 22:36 to 23:53 in the sign of Taurus. The lunar eclipse will be visible in all regions where it will be night time at this time. This includes Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, Northern and Eastern South America, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the Arctic and Antarctica.

Spiritual meaning of a lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse acts as a portal of highly transformative energy. It can bring important revelations, reveal truth and change the direction in which we live. They tend to bring closure and change. Simply put, some doors close so that others can open.

Lunar eclipses are also associated with karmic situations. This is a lunation that helps illuminate the karmic path. If you allow yourself to feel this transformative energy and don’t go against the flow, you will surely feel a pleasantly easier acceptance of any events in your life.

How will the lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023 affect?

A total lunar eclipse brings with it drastic and unexpected changes. Although these changes may seem shocking, they can speed up inevitable processes. It may be difficult to embrace change in the beginning, but eventually closing a door can lead to better opportunities, even if it doesn’t initially seem that way.

In a deeper sense, the Full Moon can help us overcome blocks and better manage our emotions and situations that we usually choose to ignore. This can free us to accept lighter emotions and feelings. If you are faced with a difficult situation, pay attention to how much it depends on your responsibility and what emotional reactions it causes.

Lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023: when will it come and what will it bring to us? 2

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and Finance

Initially, this Blood Moon eclipse in Taurus may touch on topics related to money and relationships—the two may even be intertwined! However, your financial and emotional stability is at risk of serious disruption. Be that as it may, rest assured, eclipses are cosmic hands that help you get closer to your destiny.

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and Love

During this period, gentle gestures and prolonged hugs are possible. Sexual tension can be high, but it’s important to take your time. Love doesn’t have to come according to a schedule. If you feel incongruent, don’t be afraid to slow down and analyze the situation before you take any big steps. Slowing down the love journey allows you to identify incompatibilities and problematic behavior and allow you to approach relationships more intelligently.

Taurus energy can highlight instability in relationships, so resolve conflicts using logic and tact. If your love is truly worth it, try to solve the problems; if not, you may have to end the relationship.

The full moon and especially the lunar eclipse can bring unexpected information. That person you thought was special may disappoint and turn out to be a liar or manipulator, while someone you thought little of might emerge in a new light. This can lead to differences in values and possibly lead to breakups or serious conversations.

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