Lunar haircut calendar for March 2024: the magic of the Moon

Lunar haircut calendar for March 2024: the magic of the Moon


Each phase of the moon has a unique effect on the health and beauty of your hair. The beginning of spring – a period symbolizing renewal and awakening of nature, is ideal for making changes to your image, based on the lunar calendar. By following the lunar rhythms, you can choose the best time for a haircut so that your curls delight you with their strength, beauty and shine. Read the lunar calendar of haircuts for March 2024 on Joy-pup.

March 1

Today is a good day for a haircut, especially if your goal is to strengthen your hair and accelerate its growth. Hair coloring can also work well, especially if you use natural dyes. Avoid radical changes to your hairstyle; now it is better to focus on strengthening.

2nd of March

Not a good day for a haircut, but a great time if you’re looking to improve the health and appearance of your hair. Hair care treatments such as masks and conditioners will be especially effective. Dyeing your hair in natural shades will enhance its natural shine.

March, 3rd

A favorable day for a haircut in order to attract good luck and prosperity. If you’re planning on making a significant change to your hairstyle or hair length, today is the perfect time to make the change. Hair coloring is also welcome, especially in light and golden shades.

March 4

If your goal is fast hair growth, don’t cut your hair today. However, this is a good time for procedures aimed at strengthening hair and healing the scalp. Get deep care and restoration procedures from a cosmetologist.

5th of March

Today is a good time to get rid of weak and damaged ends, thereby promoting healthier hair growth. Care treatments will be especially effective in helping hair restore its structure and strength.

March, 6

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

March 7

Today it is better to postpone haircuts and other drastic changes to your hair, since astrological conditions may not be conducive to achieving the desired results. A new haircut will quickly lose its shape and bring discord in your personal life.

March 8

On International Women’s Day, the lunar calendar is especially favorable for changes in appearance, including hair. Consider experimenting with new trendy hairstyles or hair colors to mark the day and bring positive changes into your life.

9th of March

In anticipation of the New Moon, this day invites inner reflection rather than changes in appearance. A haircut on this day can lead to slower hair growth, and dyeing may not give the desired color.

10th of March

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings. Cutting your hair today can stimulate hair renewal and growth, laying the foundation for health and strength. This is the perfect time to set intentions for the coming lunar cycles, including your beauty and well-being.

11th of March

With the first ray of the waxing Moon, the time for active action begins. A haircut today can bring good luck and prosperity; a light coloring will highlight natural beauty and add confidence.

March 12

Today your energy is focused on growth and development. Cutting your hair not only helps to strengthen it, but also opens the way to new opportunities. Dyeing your hair in warm shades can enhance this effect.

March 13

This day is ideal for experimenting with your appearance. The waxing Moon promises rapid recovery and growth of hair after a haircut, making this moment ideal for bold changes. Painting in bright colors will give energy and inspiration.

March 14th

A favorable day to update your hairstyle, which will bring freshness and novelty to your look. A haircut on this day will give your hair strength and growth energy, and your spirit a feeling of renewal. Let changes into your life, starting with your hair.

March 15th

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

March 16

Today is not the best day to go to the hairdresser. Manipulating your hair will bring chaos and financial problems into your life.

March 17

Radical changes in appearance are not welcome today. Maximum – you can cut your bangs or trim the ends of your hair.

18th of March

Today is a favorable day for creating a new image. A new haircut not only promotes hair growth, but also attracts good luck in your personal and professional life.

March 19

On the eve of the spring equinox, the waxing Moon creates an atmosphere of rebirth and renewal. When coloring your hair, choose warm shades to reflect your inner energy and optimism.

20th of March

On the day of the spring equinox, when day is equal to night, nature is renewed, and your hair should also be renewed. A haircut on this day symbolizes new beginnings and balance. It will bring harmony and new energy into your life, opening the doors to spring renewal.

21 March

On this day, when nature awakens to new life, the growing Moon calls us to renewal. This is a favorable time for a haircut, which promotes rapid hair growth and attracts positive energy. Gentle care treatments will strengthen your hair, filling it with the life-giving power of spring.

March 22

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

March 23

The Full Moon is starting to feel more intense, and while cutting your hair during this period can help your hair become thicker, it can also make it more unruly. If you decide to make changes to your hairstyle, choose this day for slight shape corrections rather than radical changes.

March 24

On the eve of the Full Moon, the energy flow intensifies, making this day less favorable for haircuts due to the possible unpredictable result. Instead, focus on caring for your hair using nourishing masks and scalp massages.

March 25

The Full Moon Day is a moment of maximum energy filling, which is not recommended for cutting hair in order to avoid increased hair loss and loss of vitality.

26 March

After the Full Moon, the energy begins to fade, making this a good day for reflection rather than haircuts. Cutting your hair on this day can lead to slower hair growth, so it is better to postpone it until a more favorable time.

March 27

The waning moon promotes cleansing and getting rid of everything old and unnecessary, but for hair this can mean increased hair loss. Avoid cutting your hair on this day to avoid losing your hair’s energy.

March 28

The energy of the waning moon continues to influence the processes of removal and purification. A haircut during this period can help get rid of damaged ends, but if your goal is hair growth and strengthening, it is better to wait for a more favorable moment.

March 29

On this day, the waning moon is in a phase where cutting your hair can carry the risk of weakening your hair. If you want to keep your locks healthy and strong, avoid cutting your hair and opt for conditioning treatments.

30th of March

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

March 31

While getting your hair cut on this day can be beneficial for setting new intentions, the general recommendation is to avoid getting your hair cut during the waning moon if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy.

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