Lunar haircut calendar for May 2024: May beauty secrets

Lunar haircut calendar for May 2024: May beauty secrets


With the onset of May, nature awakens in full force, and this is the ideal time for a haircut that will help highlight your beauty and health. When choosing a haircut date, many people prefer to be guided by the lunar calendar, believing in its influence on hair growth and quality. Find out on Joy-pup which days in May will be the most favorable for going to the hairdresser, and how the month can affect the results of a haircut. Let’s dive into the secrets of the lunar calendar and reveal its secrets for your beauty and well-being.

1st of May

Favorable day for cutting hair. A new hairstyle will fill your life with positivity and bring favor from fate. For hair coloring, light and red shades will be successful.

May 2

Today it is better to postpone the perm, but other hair treatments will only be beneficial. Experimenting with new shades of hair dye will bring you satisfaction.

May 3

According to the lunar calendar for May, you should not postpone your visit to the beauty salon. The condition of your hair will improve significantly, and a new haircut will give you additional confidence. Hair will grow faster and become noticeably stronger.

May 4th

Avoid visiting the hairdresser on this day. If you cut your hair today, it is a path to sadness, depression and melancholy. Coloring is also not recommended – it can provoke conflicts with others.

5 May

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

the 6th of May

Today’s haircut will make your hair hard and unruly. The hairstyle will quickly lose its shape. Better carry out wellness treatments for your hair.

May 7

Today you can confidently change the length of your hair, experiment with color and create different styles. According to astrologers, these procedures will be successful, helping to strengthen hair and stimulate its growth.

May 8

It is not advisable to shorten your hair on the New Moon. A change in hair color is welcome, especially if it is shades that are unusual for you.

9th May

During the waxing moon, hair grows faster. The Earth’s satellite gives us additional strength and energy that our body feels. Therefore, schedule a visit to your master to change your image.

May 10

On this day, it is better to refuse the services of a beauty specialist – the result will disappoint you. Hair cutting, coloring and tinting will be unsuccessful.

May 11

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

12 May

Astrologers’ recommendation: Experiment with voluminous hairstyles and natural hair colors, which will bring you confidence and help you establish new business contacts.

may 13

This day is ideal for coloring, covering gray hair and toning. Let your imagination run wild – the result will be successful and will delight you for a long time..

May 14

Today’s haircut will help restore hair health and protect you from negative energy. When dyeing, use natural dyes.

May 15

Today it is highly not recommended to cut your hair – its condition will worsen, dandruff will appear, the ends will become brittle and lifeless.

16th of May

Today is one of the most suitable days to change your image. You can perform any techniques and procedures with your hair. Experimenting with your hairstyle, such as a perm or a new parting, will be appropriate and may be to your liking.

May 17

A new haircut will attract negative people to you, and it will also weaken your immune system and you risk getting sick. Try postponing the haircut until another day.

May 18

A good date for a visit to the hairdresser – it will attract good news and success in financial matters. Dyeing your hair any shade of blonde will be especially successful.

May 19

The energy of today will have a positive effect on the condition of your hair. You shouldn’t get a completely new haircut, but you can trim your hair and bangs.

May 20

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

May 21st

If you’re considering changing your hair color or styling, pay attention to today’s date. Haircuts for short hair – pixie, bob, undercut – will be especially successful.

22nd of May

Any manipulation with your hair will attract unfriendly and cunning people to you, which will make you more vulnerable to insults.

May, 23rd

The full moon is an unfavorable day for haircuts. You can go astray and get into a lot of trouble.

May 24

During the waning moon, the haircut will retain its appearance longer. Therefore, go to a familiar master who already knows your taste and put off any experiments with the image.

May 25

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

26 of May

Avoid shortening your hair on this day; this can lead to scandals in family relationships. Due to the imbalance of energies, your health will worsen. This can attract illness and depression, which will affect your appearance.

May 27

The moon in Capricorn is a suitable day for cutting and coloring hair. A new look will change your life for the better, and your hair will be full, healthy and attractive.

May 28

On the 20th lunar day, the haircut will be favorable, and you will be able to feel a surge of luck. Positive changes will not take long to appear, and you can also feel an influx of finances and material well-being.

May 29

A haircut on this day will bring beneficial changes to your hair, improving its condition and appearance. However, you should not take risks with painting, as it can quickly wash out and lead to misunderstandings with loved ones.

May 30

Today is a great time to dye your hair or have a wellness treatment in the salon or at home. All your efforts will be successful, including your new haircut.

May 31

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

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