Lunar haircut calendar for October 2023: how to choose the ideal time to cut your hair

Lunar haircut calendar for October 2023: how to choose the ideal time to cut your hair


For centuries, people have watched the Moon, admiring its mysterious beauty and magical power. It has always been the subject of attention, and it is not surprising that many believed that the phases of the moon can affect various aspects of life, including our hair. The lunar haircut calendar helps determine the best time to go to the hairdresser or cut your hair yourself. We at joy-pup will tell you how to correctly use the lunar calendar to achieve healthy and beautiful hair.

October 1

The first day of October is the optimal time to make changes to your look. At this point, the haircut will not only be successful, but will also give the hair renewal and additional vitality, helping to strengthen it.

2 October

If you didn’t have time to visit the hairdresser yesterday, wait for a more opportune moment. The lunar calendar recommends staying at home today, as this is an unfavorable day for updating your image.

October 3

Today is an unfavorable day for a haircut, as it can cause failures in life. If you decide to dye your hair, then choose natural products and ask someone from your family to help you. This approach will not only give you confidence, but will also bring joy into your life.

October 4

Today is a good time to get a haircut, although hair will grow slower and may become unruly. You can also successfully carry out staining and perm.

October 5

Now is not a good time to visit the hairdresser as it may have a negative impact on your emotional and mental well-being. Not only cutting, but also hair coloring is not recommended, as this can affect your reputation among loved ones and negatively affect your relationship with them.

October 6

On this day, it is better to avoid going to a beauty salon so as not to be overwhelmed by feelings of sadness and depression. But not only will your emotional state be unlucky – your hair will also not thank you for the haircut. The strands will be brittle and tangled and difficult to manage.

October 7th

The ideal moment to change your external image – your hair will shine and look healthy. This will increase your confidence and success in business. Perming is not recommended as the expected results may not live up to expectations.

October 8

Today’s haircut may have a negative impact on the condition of your hair. However, dyeing a different color (provided it is not drastic) can have a beneficial effect on your relationships with the people around you.

October 9

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

October 10

Today is a great time to change the image. A haircut will not only make you more attractive, but will also have a positive effect on your health. Using natural hair coloring products will help you attract financial well-being.

October 11

It’s better not to get a haircut today, as it could ruin all your plans. But dyeing your hair will improve your financial situation a little. The right time to improve hair health – any procedures (both home and salon) will be successful.

October 12

A day with two perspectives – there are no restrictions on haircuts, but it is unpredictable how it will affect your relationships with men – the result can be both positive and negative. It is better to postpone hair coloring and curling for another time.

October 13

Carrying out a haircut or any other hair treatments on this day can have a negative impact on their condition and overall health. But any hair care treatments are welcome – masks, wraps, mesotherapy.

October 14

It is absolutely not recommended to cut your hair on this day according to the lunar calendar. By cutting your hair, you can have a negative impact on your destiny. If we are talking about coloring, then we should limit ourselves to light and copper shades.

October 15

Unfavorable day for cutting hair. Any hair manipulation done today can weaken the immune system and can cause illness.

October 16

A visit to the hairdresser today will bring pleasant changes. This action can help you move forward in your career soon. Hair coloring can also bring positive changes.

17 October

It is better to postpone a visit to a beauty specialist on this day in order to avoid negative consequences in your professional field. Hair coloring will help you gain the trust of your colleagues and others.

October 18

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

October 19

Give up the idea of cutting your hair on this day. You should also not dye your hair – the result may not satisfy you.

The 20th of October

A haircut done on this day will fill you with energy and optimism for the next four weeks. Hair coloring also promises to be successful and enjoyable.

October 21

According to the lunar calendar for October 2023, today is one of the most favorable days for cutting hair. A haircut will make your hair more manageable, healthy and silky. Also, coloring can help you get rid of complexes and emotional stress.

22 of October

Today is a favorable day for cutting hair according to the lunar calendar. However, it is worth considering that the curls will grow quickly, and the hairstyle may lose its shape in the near future. If you decide to dye it, the intense color will quickly fade, and conflicts with loved ones or colleagues are possible.

October 23

A visit to the hairdresser today is recommended, but it is better to make an appointment with the hairdresser after 15:00, in the late afternoon. After a haircut, you can expect improved health, as well as invisible protection that will help you avoid offensive situations.

October 24

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

October 25

Today is ideal for a radical transformation of your appearance, including a new hairstyle and hair color. Instead of a regular haircut, today you can experiment with length and color. This can have a positive impact on the business and work aspects of your life.

October 26

Today, any manipulation with hair is welcome. Cutting, caring for and coloring your hair can help improve your health, as well as attract positive financial energy.

27th October

This day is not the best time to cut, dye or perm your hair. There is a high chance that it can damage your hair and cause it to become weaker.

28 of October

Be careful: today’s haircut may affect the circulatory and endocrine systems, so it is better to postpone it. Dandruff may appear, as well as loss of shine and split ends of the hair.

29th of October

Neutral day for cutting and coloring hair.

October 30

Today’s cosmetic procedures promise to be successful. A haircut will lift your spirits and add inner charm, as well as make your hair healthier. Now is the ideal time to improve the condition of your hair with the help of vitamins and other beneficial substances that can be used at home.

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