Mirror dates 2021: what to expect from the magic of numbers and what needs to be done to achieve the goals

Mirror dates 2021: what to expect from the magic of numbers and what needs to be done to achieve the goals


As numerologists say, 2021 won’t be easy. However, it definitely wouldn’t beat 2020, which brought a lot of losses, worries, problems and crisis situations associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The Joy-pup editorial team, like everyone else, is expecting pleasant and joyful changes to come in the New Year and want to tell you about the most positive and promising days – mirror dates 2021.

01/01/2021. This date is associated with celebration of the New Year and with the expectation of positive changes at the earliest date. Use this magical time to be filled with positive energy and get a boost of cheerfulness and optimism for the near future.

02/02/2021. February mirror dates have always been special. In 2021, we will have a “day of four twos”, on which you should definitely make a wish and devote time to finding a soulmate (if you don’t have one yet). “Two” is the energy of action, so it is on 02/02/2021 that you should focus on the most important projects and affairs.

02/12/2021. Another “day of four twos”, yet presented in a slightly different combination. This is not just a beautiful date for a wedding, but a very strong day in its energy, on which you can start achieving your goals, find opportunities to start your own business or a new project that you have long dreamed of. You hold the keys to the kingdom! And the mirror date, as a good talisman, will help you in your ambitious endeavors.

Mirror dates

03/03/2021. This day will be dedicated to number “three”, which in numerology is associated with growth, expansion, creativity. On this mirror date, creative plans will be easily realized, and inspiration will come to those who have been waiting for it for a very long time.

04/04/2021. “Four”, which is subject to this mirrored date of 2021, symbolizes harmony and fulfillment. On this day, April 4, 2021, numerologists recommend resting more, devoting time to loved ones and family.

05/05/2021. The “five” is characterized by physical activity, sports, walks in the fresh air. Spend time in nature to be filled with its energy, to get the warmth of the sun, and then your thoughts and consciousness will become brighter. You will find a way out even from seemingly dead-end situations.

06/06/2021. An interesting mirror date of 2021, which is characterized by creativity, persistence and perseverance in achieving the goals. If you are already planning to do something important, then start on 06/06/2021. The power of the “six” will help you. And let someone consider 6 a devilish number – in fact, it helps those who work hard and don’t give up in any situation.

Mirror dates

07/07/2021. “Seven” is considered a lucky number for a reason. The number 7 in numerology is a symbol of wisdom and spiritual development. That’s why in folk tales and proverbs we so often meet this number. On this day, 07/07/2021, it’s important to devote time to learning and finding new dimensions of your profession or yourself.

08/08/2021. “Eight” is a symbol of infinity. Some numerologists claim that the money spent today will return to you doubly. Therefore, large purchases and capital investments can be planned for this mirror date.

09/09/2021. The mirror date of September 2021 teaches us to complete the work we have begun and stay strong in the pursuit of our goals. It’s very important to make the right choice, because the variability of events on this day will be very high.

10/10/2021. It will be much easier to start a new and desired business today than on any other day. Even the most difficult and seemingly impossible job on a mirror date October 10, 2021 will seem like a simple task to you. Don’t miss your chance, because your determination to open a new page in your life today is enough for three.

11/11/2021. The “one” that rules this date speaks to the fact that you need to sort yourself out. A course of meditation, yoga, books of spiritual content – all this will work for your benefit.

12/12/2021. On this day, the mirror date of December 2021, new information will be easily given to you, you can literally “absorb” knowledge and share it with others.

In 2021, we wish you to realize everything you have planned and long dreamed of. And let the magic of numbers and mirrored dates help you. 

Author of the article – Olena Smirnova

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