Saturn Retrograde June 17 to November 4

Saturn Retrograde June 17 to November 4


Saturn, the astrological planet of discipline, hard work, responsibility will be retrograde in Pisces from June 17th to November 4th. In these months, its influence will begin to be felt gradually. Retrograde in astrology refers to when a planet appears to be changing its normal orbit and receding in the sky. This is an optical effect that occurs due to our position on Earth. The impact of these transits depends on aspects such as the retrograde planet and the sign in which it occurs. Saturn last passed through the constellation Pisces from May 21, 1993 to April 7, 1996.

What does a planet retrograde mean?

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The retrograde phenomenon is nothing more than the reverse movement that the planets make in their orbit, from the point of view of the Earth. Thanks to technological advances, it was possible to make sure that this cosmic phenomenon is nothing more than a visual effect that occurs when one planet surpasses another in its orbit. From the Earth it is observed that this movement occurs, but in reality the planet does not return.

All planets in the solar system (except the Earth) experience a retrograde process at some point. This means that cosmic energy and its influence invites us to reconsider situations related to the energy of a particular planet (each planet has its own). Unlike other planets, whose influence becomes more than noticeable, the influence of Saturn retrograde on us will be gradual and progressive. During the cosmic process there will be a good time to make important decisions. In addition, Saturn retrograde invites us to reflect on what we are doing with our lives.

Retrograde Saturn

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Saturn will be retrograde in Pisces from June 17 to November 4, urging us to reflect on our humble beginnings and think about the future. Wherever this planet passes, order, structure and rules are established. Results, progress and, above all, direction towards the intended goal appear in our life. Saturn demands maturity, responsibility and purpose, leaving behind laziness, mentality or those habits that prevented us from doing our duty.

Saturn teaches us to be responsible, to follow commitments, not to whine, not to become limp and not to justify our weaknesses. A retrograde planet helps us reach our full potential, sometimes in the most severe and rigorous way, but the results are worth it.

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