5 zodiac signs that attract bad luck

5 zodiac signs that attract bad luck


Luck and bad luck can have astrological origins. Some signs of the zodiac seem to always be on a permanent Friday the 13th, although they do everything possible to prevent this from happening. We at Joy-pup will tell you which zodiac signs attract bad luck with their negative attitude.

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Virgos are without a doubt the kings of bad luck. They are control freaks, and when it becomes impossible, their world collapses. The slightest change of plans for them is a tragedy. If something unforeseen in advance appears on the agenda, this can provoke a series of unpleasant events. For them, an ordinary day is full of difficulties that always appear at the last moment and often for no reason. Accidents, loss of valuables, unsuccessful dates – Virgos are in the order of things.


Why me? This question is typical for the representatives of the Scorpio sign, because he believes that only tragic things happen to him. In fact, Scorpio is not lucky not because the stars obstruct him – he himself sees giants instead of windmills.


The problem with Cancer is that he sees the negative in all things. He worries too much about everything, which makes him live in a state of anxiety. Also, your pessimistic attitude makes you shut yourself off from people and miss out on great opportunities.

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As an earth sign, Capricorn does not believe in bad luck. However, when he doesn’t get what he expects, this view changes. He does not understand why his efforts were not enough to achieve the goal. In addition, representatives of this sign are distinguished by excessive pride, and in case of trouble they do not accept help from others. They think that only they can solve this problem, but they are not able to do it. With this attitude, a negative vibe will always be around Capricorn.


Pisces think only about money, and when they are broke, they begin to complain about failures. This sign is a spender, he spends everything that he earns with pleasure. Due to inefficient management of their finances, Pisceans are not doing very well, and they do not have enough money, no matter how hard they work. Instead of analyzing and correcting the situation, the Pisces sign prefers to complain about their bad luck.

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