Transit Pluto into Aquarius: how the life of 4 zodiac signs will change

Transit Pluto into Aquarius: how the life of 4 zodiac signs will change


In astrology, Pluto represents death, rebirth, evolution, and transformation, and its entry into progressive Aquarius, beginning on March 23, is one of the most impressive events of our time, as it heralds a transcendent change, mainly for the 4 signs of the zodiac.

Transit Pluto into Aquarius: how the life of 4 zodiac signs will change 1

The impact of this transit, which has not been seen since 1798, will be neutral, and it will depend on each person whether it will be more positive or negative. And it is that changes can mean many things, such as the end of one period and the beginning of another. Pluto sheds light where there are shadows and shows us that in them, that is, under the influence of this planet, there is no way to hide from the truth.

This planet is called generational, since approximately 20 years pass in one sign of the zodiac. Since 2008 he has been in Capricorn, now he will remain in Aquarius until 2043.

This does not mean that the zodiac signs most affected by Pluto’s entry into Aquarius will experience sudden and drastic changes throughout all these years. Rather, they will be gradual and have enough time to adapt to them. Who are these signs and what awaits them – read on Joy-pup.


The transit of Pluto in Aquarius will affect your professional sector. Perhaps you are exhausting yourself in unfulfilled dreams or in things that did not work out the way you imagined. You may feel at first that it is a failure to give up these goals, but you must remember that the energy of this planet destroys before it creates, that is, it makes room for building a stronger foundation. Wealth and prosperity are foreseen in the future.


Relationships are the item under the magnifying glass during Pluto’s entry into Aquarius. During this long period of time, you may have experienced some ups and downs in your love, social, and personal life, however, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad thing. People and you yourself will reveal your true cards, which means they will reveal who your allies are and who are your secret enemies. In short, this period will help you strengthen relationships and let go of those that don’t add anything to your life.

Transit Pluto into Aquarius: how the life of 4 zodiac signs will change 2


There is no way for your sign to escape the personal drama of the Pluto transit in Aquarius. This will force you to deal with family issues and conflicts that can be put off for days, weeks, or years. You may need to break bad habits that have disrupted your family dynamics in order to create a more prosperous, safe, and balanced home environment.


During this 20 year period, your sign will gradually undergo incredible changes. After this period, you will look back and see that you are a completely different person. However, in order for this metamorphosis to take place, you must free yourself from the person you thought you were and leave the life you imagined. You are ready to build a new story.

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