When is the New Moon in July 2023

When is the New Moon in July 2023


Every month we can observe the New Moon, which has an extraordinary effect on a person. This is the moment when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and its illuminated side is facing away from us. The New Moon is a spectacular astronomical event that has a deep symbolic meaning. It gives us the energy to start and change, but some actions are doomed to failure. Read on Joy-pup when the New Moon comes and what not to do during this period.

When is the New Moon in July 2023

When is the New Moon in July 2023 1

The new moon will occur on Monday, July 17, 2023 at 21:33. It will be the 29th lunar day when the Moon will be in the sign of Cancer. The rising of the heavenly body will occur at 02:43, and the sunset will come at 21:44. This will have a huge impact on our well-being and even our future.

The New Moon in Cancer will be a particularly difficult aspect. Mainly family and financial matters will be affected. To the extent possible and within your power, avoid selling your property or inheritance during this period. Also avoid buying and selling in any way that could significantly affect your income. Problems can arise in your emotional relationships where one word or remark can lead to an unpleasant situation. Some friendships can turn into fraud or manipulation.

How does the New Moon affect us?

When is the New Moon in July 2023 2

Each New Moon has a huge impact on us. With the onset of a new lunar phase, the period of “cut-off” with the waning Moon ends and the time of “stretching” and abundance begins. This period marks the setting of new plans, undertakings and goals. The New Moon is conducive to reflection, analysis and conclusions from the mistakes made. This is the perfect time for rituals that will purify and prepare you for the challenges of life. This phase of the moon indicates the need to be passive, watch and collect energy.

We will feel a surge of creativity and we will be ready to act. This is the perfect time to get art and create something from scratch. The New Moon may bring us unique coincidences and unexpected changes. You should not defend yourself from the new, but only observe and gratefully accept the future.

What not to do on the New Moon

When is the New Moon in July 2023 3

During and after the New Moon, the aura encourages us to make plans and discover new possibilities. Remember, however, that the New Moon is a time to think, not to act. The days that directly accompany it are not the best time to put plans into practice. It is better to wait a few more days for such actions to gain more strength.

What not to do on the New Moon:

  • Don’t start new projects. The New Moon is considered a period of new beginning and renewal. However, this is an inauspicious time to start completely new ventures or projects. Instead, it is recommended to complete current affairs and prepare for new beginnings after the New Moon.
  • Don’t make big purchases. It is not recommended to make large purchases, especially expensive items, during the New Moon. This can lead to financial loss or failure in the future.
  • Do not hold important events. The new moon can be associated with energetic changes, so avoid holding important events such as weddings, presentations, or signing important documents during this period. Choose another time when the energy field is more stable.
  • Don’t cut your hair. Cutting hair during the New Moon can lead to depletion of vital energy or attract adverse events. It is better to postpone visits to the hairdresser for another day.
  • It is not recommended to sow or plant plants. The New Moon is not considered a good time to plant new plants or seeds. It is recommended to sow and plant during the waning moon, this contributes to better growth and development of plants.
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