When will the New Moon occur in June 2024: date and exact time

When will the New Moon occur in June 2024: date and exact time


The New Moon is a wonderful time that represents new beginnings, opportunities, and achieving new goals. The June New Moon will be enhanced by the airy energy of Gemini. This period brings a feeling of freshness, allowing you to get rid of boring or outdated things. Read on Joy-pup when the New Moon comes in June 2024 and what to expect when the Moon is in Gemini.

When is the New Moon in June 2024

When will the New Moon occur in June 2024: date and exact time 1

The first New Moon of summer will occur on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 15:40. It will occur in the airy and friendly sign Gemini on the 29th lunar day of the lunar calendar. The moon will rise at 02:54 and sunset will occur at 22:03.

The June New Moon is a fresh, new energy that doesn’t come around often. It can be used as a blank canvas to begin painting a new picture of life. If you’ve been looking for something to boost your confidence and positivity, the New Moon may be just what you need.

The New Moon in June 2024 gives us a unique chance to start something new, to start thinking differently, to create, and maybe try another job, a new project. The energy of the new lunar cycle, combined with the energy of the zodiac sign Gemini, brings a new direction to our lives, helping us see things from a new angle. If you want change in your life, now is the right time. However, you should not rely on a miracle or luck; you must take some steps yourself. Don’t be afraid to start making your secret dreams come true, even if they are very bold. This is the time when we must put an end to everything that no longer has a future.

New Moon in Gemini: Talk About Your Desires

When will the New Moon occur in June 2024: date and exact time 2

The New Moon in June 2024 can be especially important for all air and fire signs who can feel strong inspiration and lightness of being. Earth and Water signs can perceive the world in a very destructive or chaotic way, and this can be a challenging task. On the other hand, there is an opportunity to open up more to others thanks to the magical power of words. A word can hurt a person, but at the same time it can encourage him and destroy various old negative beliefs. Try to focus on the quality of your words. At the same time, notice how you talk to yourself in the spirit. Are your words kind and compassionate or not? The advantage of working with thoughts is that they can be changed at any time.

Say out loud at least ten of your deepest desires in life. When you speak your desires out loud, you can set in motion great forces that will greatly speed up their realization. It will be better if the wishes come from your heart. Some of them may not be useful to you or those around you. No wonder they say: be careful with your wishes, because they can come true.

For many, this New Moon could also mean significant changes in existing relationships. Set boundaries for others that give you a sense of security and healthy self-esteem. Avoid toxic people who bring negativity into your life. Think for yourself whether you can provide others with what you yourself need. There must be balance in everything, and if there is none, then this is always the beginning of problems.

Thoughts are powerful, so focus on keeping them helpful and positive. Don’t be too self-critical of yourself, but don’t turn a blind eye to your weaknesses. When you start focusing on the good, there will be more of it. This way, you will naturally avoid the tendency to give in to doubts and make a disaster out of any problem, which are the dark side of the air sign Gemini.

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