Which planets will be retrograde in 2022 – periods

Which planets will be retrograde in 2022 – periods


Each planet is responsible for a specific area in astrology. There are periods in the year when they become retrograde, i.e. there is an illusion that the planet begins to move in the opposite direction. If a planet goes retrograde, it does not bode well and has huge consequences for our lives. We at Joy-pup will tell you which planets will be retrograde in 2022 and how it will affect us.

Which planets will be retrograde in 2022 – periods 1

Retrograde Venus

  • January 1 – 29, 2022

When the love planet Venus goes retrograde, it can affect your emotional and love life. New love will not be happy, couples should not make plans for the future, it will be difficult to find a common language with each other. Foundations built during Venus retrograde are on shaky ground. But if a separation occurs during this period, it will not last long. You should use the time of Venus retrograde to take a closer look at your feelings and analyze them.

Mercury Retrograde

The planet Mercury will go through four retrograde periods in 2022.

  • January 14 – February 4;
  • May 10 – June 3;
  • September 10 – October 2;
  • December 29 – January 18, 2023.

Mercury retrograde turns your everyday life on its head more than any other retrograde planet, as it makes communication between you and those around you more difficult. New work projects are now as unlikely as contracts and major purchases. We will face difficulties not only at work, but also with money.

Retrograde Saturn

  • June 5 – October 23

In a period when Saturn, the planet of the future and the mind, is moving in the opposite direction, new projects are doomed to failure. Instead of actively thinking about the future, it is better for us to look back and take stock of past events. Logical thinking can also be difficult with Saturn retrograde. Many will become insecure, distracted, dependent on others.

Which planets will be retrograde in 2022 – periods 2

Retrograde Uranus

  • January 1 – 18;
  • August 24 – December 31.

For humans, Uranus retrograde is the safest of all the planets. This is a planet of technology and progress, so technology can often fail. Dishwasher, car or computer – all of them can suddenly have defects.

Retrograde Neptune

  • June 28 – December 3

When Neptune, the planet of dreams and creativity, goes retrograde, the imagination can play tricks on us. You should stay away from alcohol and drugs, because Neptune retrograde makes our psyche more receptive to such substances. During this period, we tend to hush up unpleasant topics and go headlong into a non-existent world of dreams. Instead, it is now important to actively participate in life and solve its problems.

Retrograde Pluto

  • April 29 – October 9

In astrology, Pluto represents power, fame, influence, and our “dark side”. When Pluto is retrograde, these problems either come to the fore or completely fade into the background (depending on the structure of the personality). Many people want to let go of the pursuit of success, fame and power and turn to their inner self instead.

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Retrograde Jupiter

  • July 28 – November 24

When the lucky planet Jupiter is in retrograde motion, we will feel that our luck has turned its back on us. Those who were lucky before will now find themselves in a new reality. Gambling, such as the lottery or the casino, is strongly discouraged. Since Jupiter is responsible for expansion and growth, its regression now slows it all down somewhat. On the other hand, now is a good time to make plans (but not implement them).

Retrograde Mars

  • October 30 – January 13, 2023

If the planet of power Mars goes retrograde, it slows down the delivery of energy to us. We feel weaker and less motivated than usual. At the same time, impulsive retrograde Mars robs us of patience and makes us explode with emotions at every turn. During this period, the risk of injury in sports and on the road is increased.

Which planets will be retrograde in 2022 – periods 4

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