Which zodiac signs post the most on social media?

Which zodiac signs post the most on social media?


We love spending time on social media: chatting with friends, commenting on posts, posting photos and our thoughts. But some people do it too actively, spending a lot of time on a virtual life. They often post on sensitive topics, vehemently criticize other people’s posts, monitor other people’s comments. They usually collect a lot of likes and reposts because they talk about things that most people are embarrassed to talk about, thereby expressing the opinion of many people. But there is also a downside to the coin: they are often misunderstood, blocked or hated.

Which zodiac signs post the most on social media? 1


Aries is quick-tempered, impulsive and warlike. If he believes that his point of view is correct, he will publish it on social networks in the most aggressive way. He does not hesitate to conflict, get involved in a quagmire of disputes, cross swords in the comments and box with caustic phrases of his opponents. He will be nervous to block interlocutors, remove them from friends or unsubscribe from them. But as soon as Aries calms down, he will send a letter with apologies and words of reconciliation.


Taurus can spend the whole day on the open spaces of social networks, thinking and analyzing other people’s thoughts. He observes others and writes down their positions, slowly forming his own opinion. When the time comes to express his position, he does it with confidence that he is right. Even if he realizes that his argument is wrong, he will stubbornly stand his ground and will not back down. Taurus does not care what he writes, even if his words offend and offend others. In no case will he change his mind to please.

Which zodiac signs post the most on social media? 2


Outgoing Gemini can passionately support one topic under one post, and say the exact opposite under another. Depending on the interlocutor, they maneuver, expressing conflicting opinions, as a result of which they are often considered duplicitous at worst, or mere diplomats at best. When this sign expresses its opinion and is sure of its correctness, it will do it passionately and fearlessly. But as soon as there are hordes of dissatisfied comments and disagreements, they will try to be flexible, but without losing their point of view.


Sagittarius sharpens arrows, finds a target and shoots a bow, celebrating alone, even if his opinion has zero resonance. He thinks to himself that he brought down the Internet with the weight of his opinion, and fancies himself Napoleon. Sagittarians need a little bit of excitement to get their blood pumping, and they often adopt opinions they don’t agree with just to keep the conversation going and alleviate boredom.

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