Zodiac signs that don’t take criticism well

Zodiac signs that don’t take criticism well


There are people who appreciate constructive criticism and use it for their own improvement. And some do not tolerate it at all, quickly take offense, worry and take everything to heart. Read on Joy-pup which zodiac signs do not know how to adequately perceive criticism.


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Leos are overly proud and convinced that they are the best in everything and never make mistakes. That is why they do not tolerate criticism and most often experience it as an attack and in response they can verbally hit “on the sore spot.” They do not take advice that can help them, but interpret it as envy or malice. Their ego is too big to adequately assess criticism and recognize it as anything other than provocations and attacks.


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Cancerians always try to make others happy, so any criticism hits them right in the heart. This sign is very emotional and takes criticism very painfully. It becomes morally difficult for them that they failed and were not competent enough. In such situations, Cancers usually withdraw into themselves and avoid any communication until they think things over calmly. They need a lot of time to recover.


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Libras do not like to be criticized and are immediately defensive. It is difficult for them to perceive unpleasant words, especially if they are spoken directly and rudely. They are tolerant, kind, tactful and do not like to criticize others, so they want to be treated the same way. If you need to point out shortcomings or poorly done work to people born under this sign, do it as gently and tactfully as possible.

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