The most unusual hobbies in the world

The most unusual hobbies in the world


Each of us likes to devote our free time to something interesting. Someone travels the world, someone reads books, others cross-stitch or knit. But still, not every hobby is ordinary and simple. There are a huge number of the most diverse hobbies in the world, many of which, at times, can impress even a skeptic. We at Joy-pup will tell you about the most interesting and unusual hobbies.

Pictures from audio cassettes

The most unusual hobbies in the world 1

Do you think that tape cassettes are already the last century, and that today no one needs them? You are deeply mistaken. There are real creators in the world who have found a very original use for cassette tape – they make extraordinary, amazing pictures out of it. The idea of ​​creating such paintings belongs to a 25-year-old American – Iris Simmons. It is interesting that many people are already passionate about this hobby.

Polishing mud

The most unusual hobbies in the world 2

Hikaru dorodango is the name given to balls made of earth and clay, which, thanks to polishing by hand, acquire a shining appearance of stone. Creating a simple dorodango was a traditional pastime for Japanese schoolchildren, which has now grown to the status of a separate art form. This process is meditative and brings unprecedented satisfaction. Today, such an activity is increasingly seen as one of the most effective ways to meditate and increase motivation for the creative process. And, of course, the resulting items have proven themselves in a stylish interior.

Pencil lead sculptures

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As a rule, pencils are used for drawing. However, modern craftsmen have turned them into magnificent works of art. By carving the slates, the artists create truly amazing miniature figures. Each piece of such work requires great patience and special skills. Figurines, characters of films and cartoons, animals and people – all this just “comes to life” at the tip of a pencil in the skillful hands of the master.

Drawings on dirty cars

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It would seem that a dirty car can only become a subject of ridicule. But no. There are talented people in this world who can turn dirt into art. In fact, painting on cars in the mud has long been quite an official, recognized art, the founder of which, at least in America, is graphic designer Scott Wade. One can only regret that rain and snow do not allow the masterpiece to be durable, which, however, makes it even more valuable.
book carving

Book carving

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This is an unusual art, which has the name Book-carving. Someone admires him, and someone calls him barbaric, considering it a mockery of books. But many of the richest galleries in the world are chasing these extremely amazing “sculptures” and admit that this is a modern art form. Book carving is popular all over the world, but requires patience, diligence and accuracy. This is a hobby for diligent people with artistic thinking.

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