Colours that make us look older

Colours that make us look older


Clothing is an essential part of your look, especially when it comes to age. Glowing skin, fashionable styling, and a flawless figure may indicate a young girl’s style. But loose-bodied clothes, outdated styles or unsuitable color of clothes visually add you a couple of years in a best-case scenario. If you want to look younger or just look your age, wardrobe optimization should be the first step. This Joy-pup article will tell you which colors make a woman look younger and which ones make you look old, so that you know how to always look great.

Dark brown

Remember the heroines of films that look older and not so beautiful as they are, but whenever they change their clothes, they turn into pretty young ladies? Which colours do they usually wear before the transformation? Exactly. This is how dark brown works, visually adding extra years to young girls. This colour can be added as accents, but of course, you should refuse from total look images in brown. Give preference to a shade of milk chocolate and lighter tones: camel, caramel, beige, cappuccino.

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Moss green, olive, or garlic clove as Pantone experts call it, are colors that age and accentuate skin imperfections. They accentuate paleness, fatigue, black circles under the eyes and give your face a greenish tint. These colours aren’t your choice especially if you are the owner of thin, porcelain skin. Such a look must be freshen up with light-colored items and bright accessories. To look stylish and fresh, dress in light green or mint green. Moss green belongs to a cold palette, so combinations with shades in warm colors, for example, beige, will be successful.

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Wearing clothes of deep purple color, the girl looks gloomy, sickly and much older than her years. Try to play off the image with lighter clothes, which should be near the face, and purple – as far from it as possible. 

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Intense burgundy colors simply kill youth and freshness. Even an ordinary burgundy look is capable of adding at least 5 years. Better substitute it with the color dusty rose or leave it as one of the bottom options.

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Colours that age women after 40

The mistake women over 40 make is trying to look too young or, conversely, they think they should look like old women. Unfortunately, skin colour changes as we age, and many of the colors that worked well when we were young now work in the opposite direction. Try to keep the top, or at least the clothes near the face, in light or cool shades. If you still want to wear colors that were your favourite in the early days, even if they don’t suit your skin, consider wearing them underneath – skirt, pants, palazzo.

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Black is the key element of many people’s wardrobe, especially business people. But after 40, a dark color will not only add extra age, but also accentuate wrinkles. But it’s not worth refusing black completely, all that is needed is to brighten it with clothes of other colors. A bright scarf, a spectacular necklace and other accessories will come in very handy.

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A snow-white color is no less dangerous than black, as it makes the face bluish and emphasizes imperfections – pigmentation, dilated capillaries, wrinkles. Warm shades such as cream, ivory, eggshell, creamy, pearl are a good alternative.

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The skin of elderly women tends to become a little “redder” as the face can become covered with capillaries. This is one of the reasons why red doesn’t look good. But it can be a part of the image as a scarlet handbag, scarf, jewelry. If  talking about clothes, wear red as far from the face as possible – bottom or shoes.

Colours that make us look older 13

It’s the same with pastel shades, which tend to mingle with the skin.

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