Gray evening dresses at the hottest new trend – what styles to choose

Gray evening dresses at the hottest new trend – what styles to choose


Ultimate Gray has become one of the main colors of 2021 according to Pantone, so we boldly declare that the gray dresses are in fashion! This is one of the most sophisticated colors, and being neutral, it’s not boring at all. A gray evening dress goes beyond the usual black attire and adds even more versatility. Read our article and find out how to wear a gray evening dress to look like a queen.

Gray evening dresses 1

Gray evening dress

An evening gray dress is a great base to showcase all your beauty. Such a dress doesn’t attract too much attention, but only emphasizes the advantages of its owner. Gray consists of two colors – black and white, and is suitable for all skin color types. And there are more than 50 shades of this color.

Gray evening dresses 2

Gray floor-length evening dress

Long means formal. Maxi length dresses look beautiful on girls of high and medium height. These gorgeous images with gray evening gowns exude elegance and are perfect for a trendy look. Styles and models suggest a wide variety of options and trimming: with a fluffy skirt, mermaid, bustier dress, layered, with an open back, with embroidery, lace inserts, sequins, stones, feathers.

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Gray evening dresses 4
Gray evening dresses 5
Gray evening dresses 6

Gray midi evening dress

Midi length looks beautiful in an evening look. Laconic, tight-fitting models will demonstrate the beautiful figure of the owner.

Gray evening dresses 7
Gray evening dresses 8
Gray evening dresses 9
Gray evening dresses 10

Short gray evening dress

A short or cocktail evening dress is the best option for a celebration and for owners of slender legs.

Gray evening dresses11
Gray evening dresses 12
Gray evening dresses 13
Gray evening dresses 14
Gray evening dresses 15

Light gray evening dress

Light shades of gray are suitable for girls with “summer” and “spring” color types. Create a glamorous metallic look with a silver evening dress and shoes.

Gray evening dresses 16
Gray evening dresses 17
Gray evening dresses 18
Gray evening dresses 19

Gray evening dress with a slit

This spicy detail of the dress will add a touch of sexuality to a formal outfit.

Gray evening dresses 20
Gray evening dresses 21
Gray evening dresses 22
Gray evening dresses 23

What shoes to wear with an evening dress in gray

Formal outfits usually require some luxury. Don’t hesitate to wear shiny shoes with a gray dress. If the dress is simple and not too decorated, you can let the shoes take center stage. And for a dress decorated with stones, sequins, rhinestones, or graceful embroidery, choose more neutral shoes so that they don’t compete with your outfit. Which shoes should you choose? It can be pumps with medium heels, heeled sandals, Mary Jane shoes, ballet flats. Stiletto heels are classic and chic, but keep in mind that your feet can get tired.

Gray evening dresses 24

Shoes of the following colors are best suited to a gray dress:

  • white
  • black
  • red
  • silver
  • blue
  • nude
  • yellow
  • golden
  • brown.
Gray evening dresses 25

Black, white and other neutral colors look great with gray. Many gray evening dresses come in a silvery shade, making them perfect to match with metallic shoes.

Gray evening dresses 26

But for special occasions, it’s not necessary to choose shoes in a neutral color. When using a gray monochrome base, freshen it up with a bright color elsewhere, such as contrasting shoes. Neon colors look great with light gray dresses. Deeper shoe shades like purple or cobalt work especially well with medium to dark gray outfits.

Gray evening dresses 27

Leopard print looks great with gray. Neutral or colorful animal designs are a worthy pairing with a gray fancy dress.

What accessories to choose for a gray dress

The most luxurious jewelry will look even more luxurious against the background of an evening gray dress and shine even brighter. Accessories in pearl silver tones are most suitable. It can be silver: a clutch, shoes, earrings with pearls. Gold jewelry will be less glamorous than silver jewelry.

Gray evening dresses 28

Choose bright accessories for a gray dress, because they are meant to liven up the restrained gray color. Feel free to wear a bright scarf, beads, earrings, bracelets or gloves. To accentuate individuality the style of the accessories should be combined with the chosen image and style of the dress. The Pantone Color Institute has identified two main colors for 2021 – gray and lemon yellow. We suggest creating your own look using these trendy shades.

Gray evening dresses 29
Gray evening dresses 30

If you choose a belt to emphasize the waist, it should be in the same style as your shoes. It’s the same with gloves. White gold, pearl, turquoise or silver jewelry is appropriate. It’s preferable to choose cold tones of the stones. Bright accessories will make the look more interesting if you decide to wear black shoes to a gray dress.

Gray evening dresses 31

Black accessories against the background of a gray dress look amazing and make the classic combination. They will be appropriate in any case. In addition, black accessories should be in every girl’s wardrobe, because they are basic ones.

Gray evening dresses 32

With a gray elegant dress, such accessories as red earrings, a necklace, a pendant and a bracelet look great. This is one of the most successful combination options. If you use it as an accent, there shouldn’t be too much red in your outfit, otherwise it will lose all its charm.

Gray evening dresses 33

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