Leather raincoats: choosing a coat for fall 2021-2022

Leather raincoats: choosing a coat for fall 2021-2022


Clothing made of natural and eco-leather is an absolute trend in 2021-2022. In the new collections of famous designers, you can see not only leather bags and shoes, but also skirts, dresses, pants, as well as outerwear. Leather coats, jackets, raincoats and trench coats (a type of raincoat) are in fashion.

A stylish leather trench coat is a beautiful and practical outerwear, as it can be combined with business, casual and evening outfits. In a nutshell, it’s a must-have item of a fashionable autumn wardrobe. Joy-pup.com has prepared a list of the coolest and trendiest leather trench coats this season. Let’s go!

Models and styles – trends 2021-2022

Trench coat

A trench coat is a raincoat model. The definitive trench coat is always double-breasted and has the same attributes: a high collar, epaulettes, cuffs, a yoke, a belt and a vent in the back. This cloak is timeless and it can be easily combined with both classic outfits and casual looks. The brand that invented this wonderful thing is called Burberry. Its collections always have several trench coats, as well as other fast fashion brands. Trench coats made of the trendy fabric (leather) look amazing. 

Leather raincoats 1
Leather raincoats 2
Leather raincoats 3

Long leather cloak

The maxi raincoat may not be the most comfortable item for everyday wear, but it looks very stylish and original, and will also be an excellent cover from wind and rain.

Leather raincoats 4
Leather raincoats 5


Oversized raincoats are perfect for cool autumn weather. Such coats can be combined with large warm sweaters and long hoodies. In such a raincoat you will feel cozy and comfortable in any weather.

Leather raincoats 6
Leather raincoats 7
Leather raincoats 8

Sleeveless raincoat (capote)

Sleeveless raincoats are the new trend of the season. It’s a must have for creating stylish looks in the early fall. You can wear it as a dress just with tights, and combine it with trousers and turtlenecks. In any case, it will look gorgeous.

Leather raincoats 9
Leather raincoats 10
Leather raincoats 11

Short leather raincoat

Cropped trench coats and raincoats have been in fashion for years, which is good news. With a short leather coat you can easily create a stylish look to match a skirt, jeans or trousers. So it’s a great basic outerwear for the fall.

Leather raincoats 12
Leather raincoats 13
Leather raincoats 14

Fashionable leather raincoats 2021-2022: colors and prints

Black leather cloak

Everything looks good in black, and raincoats are no exception. This season both matte leather and shiny lacquer models are in trend.

Leather raincoats 15
Leather raincoats 16
Leather raincoats 17
Leather raincoats 18

Brown colour range

The beige raincoat is a classic of the genre. This is the most popular raincoat color at all times and seasons. In addition to beige, fashion designers also presented leather cloaks in brown shades in the fall-winter 2021-2022 collections.

Leather raincoats 19
Leather raincoats 20
Leather raincoats 21
Leather raincoats 22

White raincoat

Among the light shades of raincoats, at fashion shows one could notice not only beige, but also snow-white leather raincoats. A striking case in point is the long leather trench coat in the Max Mara collection.

Leather raincoats 23

Choosing such a raincoat, you can be sure that it, as well as a black one, will match all the clothing items from your autumn wardrobe.

Coats of colored leather

This season, designer raincoats are presented not only in neutral shades, but also in bright trendy colors: blue, purple, red, yellow, green. Colored raincoats Fall/Winter 2021-2022 are made in a variety of styles. It’s up to you choosing short or long, wrap-around or buttoned cloak. Such a raincoat will look stylish and effective in any design. Just take a look at the modern outfits of Bella Hadid, Sies Marjan and Mugler.

Leather raincoats 24
Leather raincoats 25
Leather raincoats 26

Apart from self-coloured models, combinations of different colors could also be seen in the designer collections. For example, Gucci presented a yellow and brown trench coat, while Alexander Mcqueen showed a chic black trench coat trimmed with white lace and the original model in red and purple stripes.

Leather raincoats 27
Leather raincoats 28

Shiny leather and metallic

The 2021 trend for metallic shine has embraced the entire fashion and beauty industry, and now we can enjoy seeing metallic leather coats on the catwalks along with classic matte and lacquer models.

Leather raincoats 29
Leather raincoats 30
Leather raincoats 31


The most fashionable print for a leather coat is a reptile. Just look at these masterpieces from Versace and Valentino, and see how gorgeous it looks.

Leather raincoats 32
Leather raincoats 33
Leather raincoats 34

What to combine with and how to choose a women’s leather cloak

It’s important to consider your lifestyle, body shape and weather conditions when choosing the right leather raincoat. For early fall, go with a trendy sleeveless trench coat, cropped models, or a lightweight leather trench coat. A-line raincoats with a belt or wrap models, as well as stylish mask raincoats, are suitable for overweight girls. For cold autumn and winter, decide in favour of cold-proof long raincoats and oversized models. When choosing a color, think of your wardrobe: if bright colors prevail, choose a leather coat of neutral shades, if, vice versa, don’t hesitate to choose colored and metallic raincoats.

Photo examples of fashionable outfits

Leather raincoats 35
Leather raincoats 36
Leather raincoats 37
Leather raincoats 38
Leather raincoats 39
Leather raincoats 40
Leather raincoats 41
Leather raincoats 42
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