What dress to look for a New Year’s corporate party – tips for every year

What dress to look for a New Year’s corporate party – tips for every year


There are different styles of dresses, but not all of them may work if you are going to a New Year’s party. Any such event has its own rules, including the selection of clothes. We will tell you how to choose the right dress in order to celebrate the New Year in the company of colleagues.

What dress to look for a New Year's corporate party - tips for every year 1

What to wear

There are a few specific rules for the clothing worn at this type of event. Here is some of them:

  • it must be something new;
  • do not stick to a conservative style;
  • also avoid overly open dresses;
  • clothes should emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws;
  • you need to consider how convenient it is.

Let’s dwell on each point in more detail.


Arriving in an old outfit that your colleagues have already seen, you will not be able to surprise anyone. It is best to appear in front of company employees who have known each other for a long time (including you) in something new. Especially if the corporate party is dedicated to the New Year theme.

What dress to look for a New Year's corporate party - tips for every year 2

Even if you have a beautiful dress in which you have already been in another place – for example, at a family celebration – it is better to get a new one. No one guarantees that colleagues could not accidentally see you – let’s say you posted a photo from a holiday on the Internet.

Conservative style has no place here

Boring and closed dresses at such an event would be inappropriate. This style is associated with working days, and at the holiday you want to forget about them. Therefore, any manifestation of conservatism is definitely not the place here. You need something original, but not too frank.

Clothes that are too revealing will not work either

Even if you think that you can afford to demonstrate the perfect figure, in the company of colleagues it is also not worth doing. Yes, this is an informal setting, but similar models are appropriate in other circumstances. Avoid deep necklines, short skirts, clothing that is too tight.


Regardless, it is a good idea to highlight the merits of your figure – and, if necessary, hide the flaws. You can find good dresses in which you will look stylish in the online store, but you need to carefully study the size information. Will it suit you, won’t it be too tight or, conversely, too loose?


Last but not least, will the chosen outfit be comfortable for you? Did you choose your size exactly, did the dress turn out to be tight? If the clothes are uncomfortable, it can ruin the whole experience of the holiday, especially if the event involves active movement, dancing, and the like.

Where the corporate party will take place

Another important detail is the location of the meeting. Will it take place in a luxurious restaurant – or, on the contrary, have you agreed to hold it in a modest little cafe? Or maybe it will be held in the office at all? Depending on the situation, you need to choose an outfit.

Fortunately, in online stores you can find dresses for every taste, price, from any manufacturer. Both expensive brands and those specializing in casual style are represented. You just need to understand what will look right in your case.

What dress to look for for a New Year's corporate party - tips for every year 3

If the event is planned just in the office, you should not put on a luxurious evening dress – you can get by with the usual cocktail or “case”. Here, in a premium-class restaurant, you will need an already expensive evening dress – another thing is that corporate events rarely take place in such places.

Colleagues want to get together at a nightclub? You can wear a shiny mid-thigh loose dress – but again, you don’t need to choose overly revealing clothes.

There is also a universal solution – a simple black dress without unnecessary decorations. It can work in any of these situations.

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