What to wear with black loafers – ideas for fashionable looks

What to wear with black loafers – ideas for fashionable looks


Looking for new shoes for autumn? Go for black loafers. Combinations with such shoes always hit the mark. At Joy-pup we show you what you should wear with black loafers to look great.

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Fashion loafers 2021-2022

Loafers are on the list of timeless shoes. Not only are they very comfortable, but they also embody classic English charm. You can easily dress them up with a casual outfit that will instantly turn you into. They also look great with denim shorts, a feminine floral skirt or baggy jeans. It used to be considered unacceptable to wear socks with slippers. But now it girls are increasingly showing socks in sandals or other open shoes.

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Black loafers for women have a long history. They started with fringed Indian leather shoes. When they reached Europe they were only carried by men. Women started wearing loafers in the 1940s, and by the 1960s, Gucci developed a version that inspired other brands, and the model has remained unchanged to this day.

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Loafers are comfortable shoes that go with any style of clothing. The model is very characteristic – on a flat sole, the upper material is usually leather, adapts well to the feet, a special feature is the seam at the top.

Shoes often have a decorative buckle or chain and sometimes tassels. The most popular are black loafers for women, the most classic ones that add elegant casualness to any look. They are an interesting solution and often replace classic high-heeled shoes and ballet flats. Black loafers are suitable for many occasions – from the office dress code to going out every day.

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Most importantly, loafers don’t go out of style. Whether you choose oversized platform loafers for women or more elegantly shaped loafers, you can be sure that you will be with them for years to come.

Black loafers with pants

Black loafers are extremely versatile and look great on your feet. They’re easy to pair with a wide variety of clothing items, so it’s no surprise that they have become so popular. As you can imagine, loafers go perfectly with pants. These can be elegant 7/8 trousers or chinos. It is advisable that the legs end above the ankles for the shoes to look spectacular. Hence culottes will be a very suitable option. You can also choose the opposite option – wide palazzo pants. In combination with loafers with quilting or decor, it looks extremely interesting. A black and white bow with light colored trousers turns out to be beautiful.

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Suits are coordinated with office looks, with which black women’s loafers are perfectly combined. But if you do not like such sets, choose a jacket in combination with jeans – you will get a casual look, and loafers will add additional elegance. Popular models are also suitable for a casual look with jeans – these can be skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans. Combine them sportily with joggers and leggings. Loafers can even fit into a tracksuit and completely change its character.

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Black loafers with skirt and dress

The black women’s loafers are so versatile that they can be easily combined with dresses and skirts in a wide variety of styles. When preparing your outfit for work, opt for sleek, figure-hugging dresses, then pair them with a jacket and loafers. Outside of office hours, light, airy dresses with frills or floral motifs beckon. Feel free to combine them with loafers – you can appear in this form on a date or a party.

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A skirt and black slippers are the perfect combination. They definitely go well with pleated midi skirts. For the top, choose shirts, romantic blouses or simple T-shirts. For boho looks, choose fringed or fringed skirts. These shoes look great with maxi and mini skirts. For a short skirt, you should choose massive black loafers with thick soles, which make your legs optically thinner and slimmer. Avoid only pencil skirts, which visually shorten the figure in combination with this shoe model.

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Loafers with socks

Fashionistas are now interested in one important point: do socks go with loafers? It depends on the style and type of shoes – with hard heels they help to reduce the risk of chafing. Wear light, delicate, elegant suede or nubuck loafers on your bare feet. It is better to combine socks with loafers with solid tractor soles made of patent leather. Then this tandem makes an interesting combination, a small alternative, but extremely stylish. These outfits appear at all current fashion shows.

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Loafers with socks go well with shorts and skirts, paired with white, large collar shirts. In a sporty version, choose t-shirt dresses. Ideally, socks should be white, but they can also have other colors, as well as decorative stripes or decorations.

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