Zebra – how do you wear the favorite print of many fashionistas?

Zebra – how do you wear the favorite print of many fashionistas?


In search of fashionable polka dots this season, small cage, floral motifs, peas, we forgot about such a simple but very interesting print as a zebra. It looks stylish and fresh and also complements almost every look perfectly. The classic is the black and white zebra pattern, but you can also opt for colored models, which looks very practical. We at joy-pup have found out how and with what to wear a zebra in the fashionable season 2021-2022.

Zebra print on rock

Classic black and white fitted models will thin out your office bow and make it more expressive. Pleated or light flared models are perfect for warm weather. You can choose these skirts in more interesting and unusual color combinations, their appropriate length – knee length, maxi or midi.

Zebra print 1

A zebra print on a skirt is best combined with a one-color top or in two or three colors. However, you can experiment and choose shirts with zebra, but in contrasting shades. Add bright sandals or shoes or even expressive accessories.


Dresses with a zebra pattern will be very popular in the 2021-2022 season. Such models will make your appearance bold and interesting. Prefer flared or loose fitting midi or maxi dresses that are ideal for summer.

Zebra print 4
Zebra print 5

Also, tight models, straight cut options with mini length make your look defiant and very bright.

Blouses & shirts with zebra print

Zebra print 6
Zebra print 7
Zebra print 8

Such models can be worn in the office without hesitation, if they are complemented, for example, with a classic skirt or classic trousers. Don’t forget a jacket for a more serious look. Since the zebra print itself is quite expressive, shoes and accessories should be monochrome, otherwise they will look chunky. But some more daring fashionistas combine zebra with jeans, leggings, and other clothing with a zebra pattern.

Cardigan and jacket looks

Zebra print 9
Zebra print 10

You can use these dresses to create a bold street style look or stand out at a party. Combine this top with a solid base, it looks great with skirts, dresses, pants or jeans.


Zebra print 11
Zebra print 12

If you like to stand out, this clothing option is for you. Pants can be flared, straight or tapered. It is better to choose the tip for her monophonic and inexpressive. Complete your style with matching shoes or sandals.


Zebra print 13

Designers offer a variety of zebra pattern outerwear. There is a lot to choose from here. But the main thing for you is not to overdo it. If you want to look stylish, don’t mix this print with any other. Otherwise, your picture will appear a little frivolous. It is better to complement the zebra pattern with things of a single color. Then you will look great in a coat like that too.

Zebra print accessories

With this print you can create bold and expressive pictures, set accents and place them correctly. To do this, you can choose a light scarf with a zebra or a hat, gloves for the cold season. A zebra bag is relevant as it will always be in vogue.

Zebra print 14
Zebra print 15

Also look out for zebra shoes, sandals and boots, as they complement your bold and refined style and make it more attractive.

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