Siren Eyes is the most seductive summer makeup trend

Siren Eyes is the most seductive summer makeup trend


Siren Eyes eye makeup is a real hit at the moment. This seductive look is perfect for a party or a date. Siren Eyes creates elongated, almond-shaped eyes that look sexy and passionate. Find out at how to do trendy makeup.

What is Siren Eyes makeup?

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The name of the trend comes from the word siren – the heroine of ancient Greek mythology. The seductive song of the mermaids could cloud the minds of the sailors who heard it. These days, a siren is defined as an attractive woman who can be dangerous in some way. Eyes with Siren Eyes make-up are very dramatic, sensual and give their owner a mysterious aura, suitable for grunge looks. Due to the elongated focus on the eye, a slight lifting effect occurs.

Siren Eyes is, in fact, another evolution of the technique of applying eyeliner to the upper eyelid, which can be suitable for almost any eye shape. It can transform the shape of your eyes into a more almond-shaped one for a sultry and seductive effect. This technique involves stretching the end of the eyeliner, leaving a gap (or a very thin line) in the middle of the eyelid, and creating a pointed inner corner to make the eye appear longer.

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At first glance, Siren Eyes is very reminiscent of the Fox Eyes trend, which is also very popular in 2024. But the siren’s eye is distinguished by the width of the line on the upper eyelid, which also stretches the eyes, but does not make them as narrow as fox eyes. We’ll show you how easy it is to create a seductive siren look yourself.

Siren Eyes Eye Makeup Technique

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There are several different ways to achieve the look you want. Eye makeup can be softer or sharper, thinner or more intense. You can start with eyeshadow or eyeliner, depending on your preference. Optionally, this make-up can be graphic, with precise lines, or smoky thanks to eyeshadow blending. But the general step by step is as follows.

  1. To make it easier to draw a clear line, use a piece of tape as a guide. Remove some of the adhesive by first pressing it against your clothing so it doesn’t irritate your skin. Glue from the outer edge of the eye along a diagonal line pointing to the temple or to the end of the eyebrow.
  2. With brown eyeshadow a few shades darker than your skin, draw a curved line from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow. Then blend well upwards to create a smoky look. You can apply a second, deeper brown shade along the outer edge of the lash line to add volume.
  3. Starting from the outer third of the eyelid, draw a curved line to create a “wing”. You can use liquid eyeliner or pencil. Then apply a thin line from the inner corner down the lash line. The middle third of the eyelid should be free of liner to maximize the elongated, lifted effect.
  4. Take a flat blending brush with some black or cool brown eyeshadow. Blend the eyeliner along the line so that everything blends smoothly.
  5. Highlight the inner corner and center of the eye with light, shimmery shadows to highlight these areas.
  6. Apply a generous amount of mascara, moving the eyelashes to the side, not forward. If you want to enhance the effect, attach artificial eyelashes.

Tip: To add variety to your eye makeup or pair it with your outfit, you can experiment with other dark colors instead of brown.

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