Unable to lose weight: the reasons why the weight stands still

Unable to lose weight: the reasons why the weight stands still


People decide to lose weight for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is to gain a slim figure and a beautiful appearance. However, weight loss cannot be considered only from the aesthetic side. Sometimes weight loss is a matter of health. Significant excess weight negatively affects health in several ways. But weight loss is not as easy as it may seem. Sometimes the arrow of the scales can freeze in one place for a long time. Why is this happening? Let’s take a look at Joy-pup for possible reasons that can lead to problems with weight loss.

Unable to lose weight: the reasons why the weight stands still 1

Consuming a lot of calories

Weight loss occurs when we are in a calorie deficit. This means that the number of calories consumed is less than the number of calories burned, so we consume less energy than we give off. If you can’t lose weight, the most common reason is excess calorie intake. Therefore, it is important to choose adequate portions depending on the type of food when losing weight. The total amount of calories you get should also depend on the person’s level of physical activity. If a person is physically active and plays sports, it is normal that he needs more energy, which he can also burn.


If we want to lose weight, as a rule, it is necessary to reduce the proportion of calories consumed. However, this does not mean that we should starve. Abrupt diets based on reducing the calorie content of the diet to a minimum can pose a threat to our health and do not bring the expected result in the long run. A very low calorie intake may help shed those extra pounds at first, but over time the body starts to resist and the weight will set in place. If you’re having trouble losing weight, evaluate whether you’re consuming the right amount of calories—not too many, but not too few.

Unable to lose weight: the reasons why the weight stands still 2

“Liquid Calories”

Many people have trouble losing weight when they only watch what they eat and not what they drink. Some drinks have a huge amount of calories hidden in them. Fruit juices, soda, smoothies and coffee drinks and, of course, alcohol are often tricky. If we fail to lose weight, the reason may be that we forget about calories taken in liquid form.

We neglect the drinking regime

If you are trying to lose extra pounds, you should also focus on the drinking regimen. In order for our body to function properly, it also needs a regular flow of fluid. Have you ever heard that hunger is often thirst in disguise? Fluid deficiency can manifest as a feeling of hunger, which leads to unnecessary consumption of more food. The best choice is pure water, mineral water or unsweetened tea.

Unable to lose weight: the reasons why the weight stands still 3

lack of movement

When losing weight, the basis is to adjust the diet, but you should not forget about physical activity. Although it is possible to lose weight without increasing the amount of physical activity, it is better to combine a healthy diet with an active lifestyle. The movement will help not only to lose extra pounds, but also support the overall health of the body.

Little sleep

Weight loss can be hampered not only by lack of exercise, but also by lack of sleep. Night rest is necessary for the regeneration of the body and the proper functioning of the body. Significant sleep deprivation can cause us to lose weight slowly or not at all. The lack of a night’s rest disrupts the secretion of certain hormones, which can subsequently negatively affect the regulation of appetite. Increased appetite may result.

Slimming drugs

A huge weight loss mistake that can be the cause of not losing weight is relying on various pills, teas and other forms of nutritional supplements that promise quick results. But it is impossible to expect any results from dietary supplements without changing your lifestyle. If a person does not eat properly and does not lead an active lifestyle, he cannot count on salvation from slimming capsules.

Unable to lose weight: the reasons why the weight stands still 4

State of stress

Excessive and prolonged stress negatively affects our mental and physical health and promotes the secretion of the hormone cortisol in the body. This hormone is produced in stressful situations. Long-term elevated levels of cortisol can not only negatively affect weight loss, but even lead to weight gain. The state of stress in some leads to a tendency to overeat, which is also undesirable when losing weight. Therefore, try to better manage stress, various relaxation techniques, herbal teas or yoga can help with this.


It is impossible to lose extra pounds overnight. In addition, rapid weight loss can do more harm than good and is often associated with the yo-yo effect. If you decide to adjust the weight, do not expect miracles. The best choice is a slow, rational weight loss that does not have a harmful effect on the body and brings long-term results. If the number on the scale seems to be slowly falling, the problem may be just your impatience.

Unable to lose weight: the reasons why the weight stands still 5

Health problems

In some cases, the arrow on the scales may stop, despite the fact that we are doing everything right and the above reasons do not concern us. Sometimes problems with losing weight can be caused by a disease that we are fighting. This happens, for example, with various hormonal disorders, including thyroid diseases. In such cases, it is desirable that weight loss be under the supervision of a physician.

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