Who else wants to beat cellulite in just 30 minutes a day?

Who else wants to beat cellulite in just 30 minutes a day?


Few, if any, women don’t wish to get rid of the treacherous signs of cellulite. It doesn’t allow them to wear short skirts and dresses. And when women look at their skin flaws and realize that the beach season is starting soon, they becomes even sadder. Some try not to think and ignore an unpleasant topic, but even if we pretend it’s no there, cellulite doesn’t disappear.

wants to beat cellulite

Exercise and diet will help get rid of dimples on the hips, buttocks, thighs, and belly. But Joy-pup will share one more way that will help you reduce cellulite or even forget about it. To succeed without any expensive salon procedures you’ll need to devote only 30 minutes a day.

Why and how to deal with cellulite

Cellulite is caused by genetics, diet, lifestyle, age and hormones, but there is another contributor, toxins. In the modern world, toxins are everywhere. We inhale them, get them from products and even produce them while being stressed. When the body doesn’t cope with the amount of toxins, it turns them into fat cells, where the toxins are sealed. If to wait until the advanced case, it will be difficult to remove cellulite.

In order to get rid of cellulite, you need to avoid refined sugars, too much salt and other unhealthy foods.

To keep skin cells supple and free of toxins, you need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Drinking water on an empty stomach enhances metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins. Water with lemon juice also replenishes the body with vitamins and minerals.


Regular exercise strengthens and tightens muscles, burns fat and helps remove toxins through sweat and increased blood circulation. Cellulite also appears due to muscle atrophy, so exercise can reduce cellulite and improve skin health.

Change your attitude to life and feel free from stress. Stress creates toxins. Chronic stress is an enemy of health and contributes to the accumulation of fat, premature aging and many other problems.

All these measures work for prevention and help to remove cellulite. But if the situation urges intervention, then it’s time to do a massage.

Two methods of anti-cellulite massage

anti-cellulite massage

Materials for anti-cellulite massage:

  • bristle brush, which should be natural, not synthetic;
  • Body Scrub;
  • natural oil;
  • silicone cup.

To obtain the best effect, it is advisable to use a scrub with granules or volcanic ash. Volcanic ash scrub has cleaning and disinfecting properties.

When you massage the body, the movements should be strong, but not traumatic. Don’t massage the inside of the hips and the area under the knees.

First method

cellulite brush massage

Dry massage should be done 3-4 times a week.

Step 1

Apply scrub on dry skin moving from the knees to the hips.

cellulite brush massage

Step 2

Use your fingertips and forefinger to massage your skin as if pinching yourself. Do this for 10 minutes.

cellulite massage

Step 3

Apply oil on the entire area. Take the silicone vacuum cup and massage in circular motions from the bottom upwards. Don’t get overwhelmed, as this massage has to destroy cellulite, not your skin. Let the exercise take 10 minutes.

cellulite massage

Step 4

Repeat step 2 for 10 minutes.

Second method

can massage from cellulite

This rapid massage intended to remove cellulite is extremely effective. After a month, the result will please you. But remember! If you won’t do it regularly, there will be no effect.

Step 1

Massage should be done before a shower. Intensively massage the skin with a brush in a clockwise direction, moving from the bottom upwards.

dry massage with a brush from cellulite how to do

Step 2

Take a shower, and then apply oil on problem areas. Start pummelling them as if you were pinching them.

Such massage should take about 30 minutes in total.

Extra exercises for problem areas

exercises for problem areas

Gluteus muscle tonifying

The main advantage of a healthy massage is relaxation for the muscles and getting rid of toxins for the body. Tonifying the gluteus, you not only fight against the orange peel effect, but also reduce the body fat.

Use your fingertips to massage the body in circular motions from the knee to the buttocks. Always make upward movements.

Saggy knees

Sagging knees

It’s important to use effective scrubs for massages. You can use a ready-made cosmetic product or make a natural body scrub at home.

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