The most resonant cases of alien abduction

The most resonant cases of alien abduction


Talk about a meeting of people with aliens periodically arise around the world. The established image of humanoids and the exact description of aircraft by people who were lucky (or, conversely, unlucky) to meet aliens leads to certain conclusions. For example, about the fact that aliens exist and want to study “our brother” in detail. Can’t people at different ends of the planet experience the same vision, describe the same events and at the same time be mistaken in the authenticity of these same events?

The most resonant cases of alien abduction 1

Let’s look at the most popular cases of abduction of earthlings by representatives of alien civilizations.

Link “Avengers”, disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle

Many mysterious disappearances and mystical stories are associated with the Bermuda Triangle. This is what happened with the American bombers, who went on December 5, 1945 to work out the tactics of warfare in this area.

The most resonant cases of alien abduction 2

2 hours after the flight, a flight of five Avenger torpedo bombers suddenly disappeared from the radar. The last message from the pilots was about a malfunction of navigation equipment and luminous domes in the sky. Moreover, such objects were seen by each of the pilots, who got in touch with the dispatcher. Also, the pilots managed to talk about a white haze that stretched over the ocean and prevented them from determining the right direction. “We are descending into white waters,” is one of the last messages from the ship.

After the interruption of communications, other crews were sent to search for the missing bombers. One of them, the seaplane “Martin Marinera” never returned from the mission. Neither its wreckage nor the remains of the missing bombers have ever been found.

Antonio Vilas-Boas from Brazil

On October 15, 1957, a young Brazilian farmer, Antonio Vilas-Boas, was working late in the field when he suddenly noticed a flying object hovering in the sky directly above him. A dazzling flash of light still allowed Antonio to see the details – the apparatus resembled an elongated egg, standing on four metal legs. Above, something was spinning rapidly, emitting red flashes.

The most resonant cases of alien abduction 3

The farmer was about to start his tractor and drive away, but the engine stalled. Two aliens, resembling people in space suits, dragged the astonished young man to their ship. There he was smeared with a transparent sticky gel and blood samples were taken.

Vilas-Boas also claimed that he had sexual contact with a representative of an alien civilization. In total, the farmer spent 4 hours in the company of aliens, and then was released. The next day, the guy went to the doctor with symptoms of poisoning, a headache, and ulcers on his body. After the examination, it turned out that Boas had been exposed to powerful radiation, although dosimeters showed the norm in all the surroundings.

Kidnapping Barney and Betty Hill

The married couple Barney and Betty Hill were returning from Canada to Portsmouth on the night of September 19-20, 1961. First, Betty saw a bright flash of light flying right behind them. There were binoculars in the car, so the woman was able to see the strangely shaped aircraft, which her husband initially confused with an airliner bound for Vermont.

The most resonant cases of alien abduction 4

The object followed the Hills’ car, they later described it as a large glowing pancake with many antennae. Further, their consciousness seems to be covered with a terrible haze.

Immediately after the events, the couple could not explain what happened to them: they did not even remember how they found themselves at home. They found dirt on their clothes and shoes, the toes of their shoes were knocked down, as if the couple were climbing over a freshly plowed field. For a long time, a man and a woman were tormented by nightmares.

The most resonant cases of alien abduction 5

And only after a session of hypnosis was it possible to find out that the Hills were subjected to some kind of “examination” on board the spacecraft. The spouses called the “exam” the experiments that the aliens conducted on them. Betty Hill also said under hypnosis that one of the aliens showed her a map of the movements of their crew, and subsequently the woman was able to reproduce it.

Jessie Long

An even more incredible story happened in January 1979 with a five-year-old boy named Jesse Long. That day I went for a walk with my brother and came across an unusual object standing in the middle of the field. The only thing Jesse remembers is a tall alien with big eyes that took him into the middle of a strange structure. After 20 years, as a result of hypnosis, it was possible to find out that research was being carried out on the boy. Also, an implant was found in the knee area, which contained elements unknown to scientists.

The most resonant cases of alien abduction 6

Subsequently, Jesse claimed that throughout his life he met with aliens more than once and they even took genetic material from him for their research.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

The former head of the Republic of Kalmykia spoke about his repeated contacts with aliens. According to the statesman, on September 18, 1997, aliens in yellow space suits took him straight from the apartment. First they brought on board a spaceship that was as big as a football field. The man began to choke and one of the aliens showed him an exercise on how to resume supply oxygen. Then Kirsan, together with the aliens, traveled to another planet, where they took away some equipment unknown to him.

The most resonant cases of alien abduction 7

The official recalls that there was no interest in him from the side of the aliens. They did not try to somehow investigate or establish contact with him. The man asked the creatures to let him go to Earth, which they did. Subsequently, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov regretted that he did not ask the aliens about their alien affairs.

By the way, Ilyumzhinov also maintained friendly relations with Vanga and claimed that she showed him on the map where the oil deposits are.

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