How can help in investing in Ukraine?

How can help in investing in Ukraine?


Many people have never bought securities, therefore, starting the path in this area, they have a lot of questions.

The company’s specialists will help you to choose suitable financial instruments for both an experienced and a novice investor:

  • If you don’t have securities and have never tried to invest in anything, but would like to, they will offer you tools for beginners – simple and not too risky. For example, government and corporate bonds with high ratings. The profitability on them, as a rule, is not very high, but it is known in advance.
  • If you have already invested part of your money in securities and want to try something new, the advisors will evaluate your portfolio, advise you on how to balance it in terms of risk and profitability, if it is necessary, add new instruments to it.
  • If you are an experienced investor, the employees of can recommend you more complex tools than for beginners. For example, structured products, which may include derivative financial instruments – options and futures.

The most important thing to remember is that only free money is suitable for investment Ukraine. And before you think about investing in securities, create a financial safety cushion for yourself.

What is included in a recommendation for investing in Ukraine?

The document will indicate certain securities or derivative financial instruments, their quantity, approximate transaction value, investment period and recommendation term. Sometimes a specialist on the source gives advice on where exactly better to make a deal.

In the investment recommendation and the agreement with the company providing consulting services, the investment risks are necessarily identified. They are usually described as a general warning that investments are fraught with loss of money. But there are also more detailed explanations.

Ukraine investments – how do I use the recommendation?

You must understand that this is just advice and you aren’t obliged to follow it.

If you think that the offers are too risky, it is better to refuse them or ask specialists to think over a more conservative option.

In the event that you nevertheless decide to follow the recommendations, you should not deviate from it. will help you understand how to invest in Ukraine, as well as select the most profitable instruments and conditions for you. Apply for a free consultation now.

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